How Good Design Helps Sell Products

There are many things that go into making an online store successful, but a large part of the package boils down to simple, good design. A well-made website and even custom eBay store designs can do a lot to boost sales compared to more lacklustre alternatives.

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The reasons for this are several. Some of the main ways in which good design helps you to sell more products are:

Building Trust

When a customer, or more to the point a potential customer, looks at your website they are doing more than think about whether they want to buy your products and evaluating their prices. They are building an opinion of your company, and making a decision about whether you are someone they can buy from.

Building trust with customers is very important for both initial purchases and repeat business, This is something you want your website to do in the first instance: convince a new customer that they can trust you to handle their order properly. For this reason, you want to come across as a professional company that puts effort into its operations, and a good website design can make a big difference in this regard.

Ebay Selling

However, a lot of online businesses don’t have their own websites at all, and a great many more don’t trade exclusively through their sites. Ebay, in particular, has become one of the internet’s biggest and most accessible selling platforms, and along with other, similar online selling platforms it can be a very profitable place to trade. If you’re selling on eBay, which obviously already has its own professional website design evident across all listings, is it still worth consulting someone to customise your shop and listings?

The answer is often yes, even if it is obviously less crucial than for a website that won’t even exist until it is designed. Having a custom design shows effort and implies success, and is therefore still a useful way to build trust with customers. You also need to consider that eBay is a competitive marketplace and there may well be other businesses selling the same products. Having a custom design is a good way to make your store stand out and attract more business away from the competition, who may not have such well-designed custom stores.