How the Fleet manager’s skills can use a management system.

The Fleet Manager must have knowledge and access to all the information necessary to make informed decisions on how to optimise the use of vehicles. Fleet Management involves the coordination of vehicle operations between customer care, service, engineering and driver administration. A Fleet Manager also liaises with suppliers, drivers, garages and the various companies that lease and supply vehicles to the fleet.

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Vehicle Fleet Management requires a thorough understanding of all vehicle fleets and their working schedules, to ensure that fleet costs are kept as minimal as possible. A Fleet Manager must have a knowledge of vehicle manufacturing and purchasing practices to determine the most cost effective operating conditions for the vehicles. All drivers must be instructed in all areas of good driving and traffic laws to avoid unnecessary delays and accidents. It is important to bear in mind that the success of a business lies in the efficient running of its fleet, and with continuous and diligent attention, a fleet manager will achieve the best results possible.

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There is an eternal debate that seems to be had around whether or not it is better to have a lease car policy where there is a central provider of vehicles to give out to the employees whenever they need to have one for one. The other option is that there is a carpool with the traditional company car feature which has proved popular to the employee as well as the company that owns them. Regardless of whatever solution you land on, the need for MPH Vehicle Solutions Vehicle Fleet Management is obvious.

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