How to Create a Presentation for Your Project

Slideshow is a presentation that consists of pictures with words for explaining the main point being discussed at the meeting. Slideshows that are uploaded online feature voiceover so that the viewers can listen to the explanation while it is being played. It is not like powerpoint presentation where you have to click the previous or next arrows to move on to different slides. In slideshow, it just keeps on playing from one picture to another like a movie.

You have seen many awesome slideshows on the internet and wonder how you can create a slideshow like that. There are online slideshow makers that requires you to upload your photos to their servers which increases the chance of people stealing your photos. It also can take a long time to upload your photo especially when a lot of people are accessing the online slideshow maker site.


It is advised that you invest in a slideshow maker software like Movavi Slideshow Creator if you are going to create a lot of slideshow presentations in the future. Movavi slideshow creator allows you to import all your photos at one time with the batch images loading feature. It is drag and drop user friendly. So, if you drag the images to the timeline, they will appear there instantly.

If you want to rearrange the photos, you must drag one at a one to the desired position. If you add a soundtrack, it will appear at the row beneath. You will know if the length of the soundtrack is same as the length of the slideshow in the timeline. You can split the picture slide or soundtrack as you see fit. It does not limit you on the number of images or soundtracks that you can add onto the timeline. You must click on Add Media Files button in order to import the soundtrack files.

If you are a fan of transitions, it is good news for you because Movavi Photo Editor comes with lots of different transition styles that are free to use. You can preview a transition by dragging it onto the image clip and clicking on the play button in the preview pane. You can try as many transition styles as possible until you find one that suits you.

Movavi Photo Editor offers various title styles for you to add the text onto the slide in a decorative way. In the timeline, there are balloons text that show the text you add onto the particular slide. You can make the text fading in the slideshow. It features all shapes of title styles including diamond, heart, rhombus, and hexagon.

You can save more space by choosing a lower FPS for the slideshow presentation. However, if you want the slideshow to be best quality, you should set a frame rate that is above 28 fps. For slideshow presentation, you want to make it short and not have too many slides because people tend to lose concentration after a few minutes. Ideally, you should keep your slideshow presentation to 5 minutes.