How to face a job interview with the client? The bon ton rules from clothing to behavior for a business meeting

job interview

Discover how to face a job interview with the customer: from clothing to the rules of bon ton for an impeccable work meeting.

How to face a job interview resulting serious and professional in the eyes of the customer?

To succeed in this it is important to take into consideration the specific and shared bon ton rules that we will immediately analyze one at a time.

#1 – Be punctual to the interview

When a work meeting with a company representative is planned, to avoid being disorganized and inefficient, it becomes absolutely necessary to prove yourself on time.

Punctual, not anxious (appearing 30 minutes early) or hurried (showing the second breaking). Getting to the appointment a few minutes early, besides being a sign of respect for the contact person, also indicates diligence, commitment and thoroughness.

#2 – Be prepared on the topic of the meeting

According to the bon ton, in the presence of a client it is necessary to show oneself as prepared and up-to-date as possible on all the issues that will be addressed during the meeting.

Studying the topic in advance also makes it possible to foresee possible interlocutor questions and manage the situation in the best way without ever being caught by surprise.

#3 – Do not monopolize the conversation

Who wants to understand how to face a job interview getting good feedback, must then demonstrate the shrewdness of knowing how to put the referents in the condition to express their opinions with tranquility and without interruptions.

Monopolizing the conversation creates in those who are forced to keep quiet a feeling of annoyance that never brings anything good. Especially in the presence of customers, it is advisable to let them speak freely, intervening only when it is really necessary. This also allows us to discover key needs, concerns and information for our goals.

job interview

#4 – Demonstrate calm and patient even under attack

Even if one or more participants are attacked during a meeting, the right way to react and dominate the confrontation is always to respond with serenity, implementing a defensive strategy capable of restoring calm.

Raising your voice and getting excited will only worsen the situation and reduce the chances of achieving our goals, as well as leaving a bad impression on our person.

#5 – Do not answer questions with other questions

Considering the fact that, according to the bon ton, it is rude to answer questions by asking other questions, anyone who wants to make a good impression in a business meeting, must try to satisfy the curiosity of the interlocutor, supplying the questions with sensible and understandable clarifications: clarity and exhaustiveness are certainly two essential components, which allow us to establish solid relationships to carry on over time.

#6 – Chewing gum

Since we are explaining how to face a job interview, we must necessarily underline the importance of never, never, never coming in from any customer chewing candies and chewing gum: appearing in this way, besides showing great rudeness and little respect for the person with to which we must speak, it can also denote a lack of professionalism so profound as to annoy the interlocutor and push him to conclude the conversation as soon as possible.

#7 – Caring for clothing

The bon ton of the clothing foresees that during the professional meetings all those present have a dress that is appropriate to the circumstance: even though it may not always be strictly necessary to show up in a suit and tie or a suit and heels, the clothing worn must in any case show care for one’s person, elegance and professionalism. A casual outfit but at the same time treated in detail, it becomes, often and willingly, the best compromise of all.

#8 – Turn off the phone

From that world is world, everyone knows that at a business meeting you need to turn off or silence the phone. Interrupting the speaker, distracting the participants and answering a phone call or a message are all actions that can annoy the interlocutors, making them difficult for the person to whom the device is played.

#9 – Don’t go off topic

Among the rules of bon ton that must be put in place to an interview with the customer, we must also include that according to which it is absolutely necessary to avoid going off topic.

To succeed in this it is advisable to stay focused throughout the meeting, queuing up any digressions relating to unrelated issues. In doing so, even if during the conversation sudden doubts arise, there would be no risk of losing the thread of the conversation.

#10 – Always introduce yourself

Although (often and willingly) most of the professionals tend to consider it more useful to remain bent over their desk to work than to waste precious time by attending meetings with possible clients who may not be interested in the services offered at all, in reality, simple participation in a meeting can create useful working relationships and can help to convey a better image of oneself and of the company.

These are our 10 suggestions on bon ton to understand how to face a job interview in the best way: precious suggestions to follow every day with the primary objective of obtaining good feedback even in the most complex situations.