How to make money with Facebook, earn online profile or fan page in 2016

Make Money with Facebook

Make money with Facebook is now a reality: there are many users who have learned how to make money online with a profile or a fan page, leveraging the internet in all its many facets, including the most absurd. How to turn in money to use your favorite social network? As mentioned on many other occasions in which we talked about earning online, it’s not all easy and you have to be consistent and determined. Before taking up a new activity at the very least know the basics: the same can be said for those who want to start a business on Facebook or, more generally, on the web today, in 2016. Forget, then, the various promises of obtaining money easy: on these pages do not like to sell smoke. What do I need to start? The only luck is that the start is at no cost: so to speak, because obviously you have suffered revenue and therefore you will be working “for free” for weeks if not months. Let’s see, in concrete terms, what you can come up with to get remuneration from one activity on the popular social network. Ready to make money? 

How to make money with a Facebook fan page, earn online on large numbers

Getting cash from a Facebook page is easier than you think, though formally the platform does not allow itself to try and “extort” money to those who have the community due to the increased use of advertising. You may say more: with the latest update to the algorithm our friend “face book” has reduced the scope of the pages. The post, a time immediately visible to many users, today reach far less people: it is estimated that the pages larger reach less than 2% of users. It happens to lose sight of your favorite singer or the site that were reading regularly entering Facebook? If you do not follow consistently the page, clicking like or commenting on the long posts disappear and you and marvel looking.

The goal is to monetize: now all the big portals pay Facebook periodically, so much so that you often appear with the post written “sponsored”. That said how to earn with a Facebook page in the light of the latest updates? The winning strategy is more or less remained the same: you have to create communities that are followed, offering daily posts, status updates, video and more. The important thing is that people who click “like” is really interested in the post: beg like on the football to a friend who hates him will not lead anywhere. There are several ways to increase the fan quickly, but are not considered well for a real growth because bring disinterested mass who do not even remember you. Let’s say I reached a very high number, after working closely every day with sharing interesting content, you can reach the stage of gain.

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You can earn with a Facebook page in different ways, here are some:

  • Sell ​​to other spam sites: Get traffic from Facebook is the easiest way to grow a website. On the internet it is full of web site managers who seek publicity and access and who are willing to pay for them;
  • Share post to their sites and earn from their own space, be it a blog that earns with advertisements that an e-commerce site that sells products;
  • Promote their profession: Although most indicated Linkedin for professional purposes, in some areas perhaps you may be able to promote their business by transforming users into customers.

Facebook Ads and affiliations make money by selling in 2016

Another extremely profitable and increasingly growing to make money with Facebook is the use of ADS. How Google Adwords, even space for investors of Facebook is potentially open to all (“It is free and always will be” … sic!): Anyone, just for fun, can sponsor a post. Obviously, in addition to those who have fun, there are those who want to earn money quickly and lasting. Who owns an e-commerce allocates definitely a part of their budget in Facebook Ads, although probably less than it invests in business SEO and Google Adwords. Is there a way to gain online that is similar to the dropshipping we said, let’s talk about affiliations. Basically, long story short, there are sites that allow you to earn percentages on the sales generated by the portal: there are lots covering virtually every sector.

Clearly the traffic of a site can be variable and not necessarily organic, that is coming from search engines: if, for example, managed to reach people through Facebook can very well lead people on the site that is potentially interested in buying. Facebook Ads allows you to profile the public, that is, to choose who reach based on interests. To sum ​​up and do not want to be verbose, for example, if you manage to pay every visit a number of cents relatively low compared to the gain you make from selling (margin that varies depending on the product) and you are able to intercept your post with an audience interested in the purchase of that statistically high percentage (technically speaking conversions), have in practice created a real business with Facebook. There are thousands that now, every day, invade the timeline and many have actually happened: they are models that are called “scalable” because once intercepted the right target audience and quantified costs and revenues can tend to insist the saturation of the market.

Earn online with a Facebook profile: Make money by buying and selling account

This is a common practice to limit; indeed, one can say that is incorrect: Facebook may register only real people, not fake account. In theory it is so, but in practice there is a real market profiles and every day our message boards are flooded with content created and spread by people not true. Many experts, in fact, use multiple profiles on Facebook, or simply different space “private” than employment. As the social network is committed to ensure a degree of control, providing tools for reporting bugs to the users, there are the smart ones who wallow.

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Back to us, however, the maximum number of contacts is reached 5,000 friends, plus any followers. Grow a contact, maybe friends of acquiring a given area, it is helpful to make money online with Facebook: there are many, in fact, Internet users are willing to buy an account with a number of friends. To do what? The activities are among the most diverse: the internet is a jungle with almost no rules where many unscrupulous characters do their best to generate traffic or advertising. Everyone has their reasons and not for us to say whether it’s right or not. And ‘well, however, “to choose the right friends”: not just get to 5000 but it is necessary that those who are added are linked by a common interest or a territorial or social connotation. Only in this way a potential buyer may think to pay you handsomely for the sale of the profile.

Conclusions with commitment anything it is possible

So it’s true: you can really make money with Facebook? The short answer is yes, but you have to know the medium, have time and ideas to work from home. If these requirements are lacking any activity will be bankruptcy, just like the opening of a store or starting any profession. The benefit of the internet is that it allows very often turn their passions into ways to make money. If you think you have a chance, you just have to try to have your say, but know that touches you study, study and study!

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