How to remove scratches from glasses

Do you have your glasses scratched and you don’t know what to do? Be it the sight glasses or the sunglasses, it is normal for the occasional scratches to appear on the glasses, so we will see next what steps to take so that you can know how to remove scratches from glasses.

Rays in the glasses

Apart from the annoying results to see, in the long run, the scratches on the glasses can be a real nuisance and further aggravate any vision problem we have. For use, for a blow or for a fall, it is easy for our glasses to finish grated so that we will have to do our best to save the glass and make it smooth again.

Luckily for us, there are several remedies that we will explain, with which you will be able to eliminate the scratches of the glasses without a problem.

Remedies to remove scratches from the glasses

Do you wear glasses and scratches on the lenses? Let’s see what are the most effective methods to eliminate these annoying scratches on your lenses.

Detergent for wood and petroleum jelly

  1. After dusting with a cloth to clean the glasses we can go to a polishing phase. The first method is to use detergent for wood and petroleum jelly.
  2. First, apply the detergent on the glasses for at least one minute, then apply the petroleum jelly that will fill the small scratches making them almost invisible.
  3. To clean the glasses, avoid paper or lose fabrics that can release “lint” on the lenses or even scratch them.

Neutral soap and toothpaste

  1. Another method to remove the scratches of the glasses is to clean the lenses with a suitable liquid or with warm water and mild soap, clean with a soft cloth and rinse to remove the soap.
  2. Once the glasses have dried, put some toothpaste on a cotton ball or luster with light circular movements: rub for at least ten seconds, rinse under a stream of cold water and dry with a soft cloth. Scratches will be less obvious.

A repairman for CDs and DVDs

  1. CDs and DVDs often have the same fate as glasses: they scratch easily. An effective method of removing scratches, especially from mirrored lenses, is to use a CD and DVD cleaning fluid created to fill and repair scratches.
  2. Apply it on the glasses with a slightly damp cloth and rub carefully. After that, use a dry microfiber cloth to polish the crystals. Keep reading how to remove screen protector.

Bicarbonate and ash for slight scratches

  1. To remove minor scratches on scratch-coated lenses, we can use bicarbonate.
  2. Create a mixture of bicarbonate and water and rub the paste obtained on the lenses with circular movements for approximately 10 seconds.
  3. After rinsing and drying with a soft cloth, the bicarbonate will reach the coating removing the protective layer that is in the lens, thus eliminating the scratch.
  4. Another method to remove scratches from the glass is also to use cigarette ash: rub it directly on the glass for a few seconds with a soft, damp cloth and then rinse thoroughly with water. Finally, you should always dry with a soft cloth. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Useful tips not to scratch the glasses

After seeing some of the most effective methods to remove scratches from your glasses, here are some simple tips to avoid suffering more scratches.

  • Always put the glasses in a padded case.
  • Avoid leaving on the desk, or anywhere unprotected.
  • It is also not recommended to store them in a jacket or bag pocket without a case.
  • To avoid scratches, clean the crystals every day with a special detergent or with water and mild liquid soap: avoid more aggressive products, such as antibacterials.