How to start a cosmetics business

how to start a cosmetics business

Finding a job in Italy today is very difficult, so most people choose to set up their own business; in fact, opening a cosmetics shop is an excellent idea as in recent times this activity is very fashionable. However, it is important not to get confused with normal perfumeries, even if they have a corner of the shop dedicated to cosmetic products. In this regard, here is a guide with some tips on how to start a cosmetics business.

How to start a cosmetics business?

how to start a cosmetics businessYou will need:
Good area to locate the shop
Registration at the Chamber of Commerce
Registration with INPS

Choose the right place

The first thing to do is to choose the place where to carry out the activity. Then you have to fulfill the tax obligations and then go to the Chamber of Commerce to have the correct information and collect the forms to be filled in for what concerns the legal and bureaucratic aspect. We also ask the Chamber of Commerce for information on whether any funding is envisaged for cosmetic shops and if we have the credentials to use it. It is also very important to declare the amount needed to open the shop. It is always advisable to have clear enough ideas about a series of very specific situations in this case.

Carry out tax practices online

However, all tax practices, including registration with INPS, can now be carried out online, creating an account with the Revenue Agency’s portals and the social security institution in a few simple steps. About the latter, there is an advantage in the first three years of activity; for this period, one is exempted from paying the mandatory fees, even if at the expiry, the arrears due are added to the ordinary installments. The cosmetics shop’s location is fundamental, as between opening it in a central area of ​​the city, on the outskirts or in a shopping center, there is a considerable difference, especially for the possibility of having an additional potential clientele.

Open the franchise business

If the Municipality has established a fund for any financing, to access it, it is essential to indicate the size of the shop, the number of cosmetics and similar products that will occupy the building. Also, it is necessary to communicate the shop’s arrangement and organization and, if, for this activity, there is the possibility of hiring staff. Logically, the whole has a certain relevance in calculating the amount used to start the business and carry it out in the best possible way. All that remains is to think about the actual organization, and the best choice is to open a franchise business that has already started and guarantees a certain profit from the beginning.

Buy products online

However, opting for the franchise formula means being bound by very specific rules, since only the cosmetics required by the activity above are sold, even if the advantage is to obtain well-cataloged goods, suitable exhibitors and a wide range of products constantly updated by the various brand’s producers. If, on the other hand, we choose to sell cosmetics from multiple brands, then we need an organization that allows us to purchase products through representatives and wholesalers or possibly even online with the portals of the most famous leading companies in the world market.