How to Start a Princess Party Business

how to start a princess party business

If you are thinking of a profitable small business idea, an option that you can start with little capital but, with great ingenuity, is the business of organizing princess parties. When you decide to start this business and earn money from home, you can take charge from before, during and after the event or perhaps, just dedicate yourself to one area of ​​this business, such as the development of the princess show or the event decoration business.

How to start a princess party business?

To start the business of organizing princess parties, you must first be clear that you could do it without exceeding your capabilities. For example, there are companies that can be responsible for the entire event (from the invitations, the cake, the sweets, the princess show, the transfer of the princess, decoration, etc.) but it could be that as you are starting, you do not have the necessary logistics to take care of it all. In this sense, of the entire list of pending tasks, you must evaluate which of all of them are within your scope in order to specialize in a particular area. Among the lines of work that you could develop for the organization of princess parties, is:

how to start a princess party business

Invitations: This line of action begins with the selection of the guests, the design of the cards, the printing of the cards, the distribution of the cards and the confirmation of the guests. The person who is responsible does all the monitoring and counts how many people will come to the princess’s birthday. This is usually done by the parents themselves, but if the party is large, many parents with a larger budget delegate this activity to other people.

Decoration- Party theme: Currently many parents choose to choose a themed party, that is, if your child loves Disney or Pepa pig drawings, the whole party will be with that theme, from the tablecloths, surprise boxes , balloons, animated figures, princess shows, piñata, among others.

Food-Buffet for a princess: At this point it is necessary to have prepared everything that is needed for the princess party, which is usually a cake large enough to reach all the guests and many goodies so that the princess has a great time. The design of the cake is generally the same theme as the party (princesses, animals, pocoyo, pepa, among others) and the sweets are arranged on tablecloths and fountains with the same theme of the parties.

Princess show: If you are interested in dedicating yourself to princess shows, you have to take into account the following:

  • Work team: The first thing you have to do is hire your work team, which would consist of an entertainer or clown, an assistant who represents a fashion doll for the princess and accompanies in the choreography, a person responsible for filming the show , a person in charge of the music and lighting equipment, among others.
  • Logistics: For the show, you would need a console and speaker, a video camera, microphones, light sets, party favors (For the dances); character costumes, cheerleader outfit, noisemakers, wigs, whistles, etc.

As you can see, the category of princess parties is very broad and as your business grows, you will be able to offer more services and even complete packages.

As you are now starting, it is preferable that you choose only one area of ​​the business, in order to specialize and provide quality service. Later, as you prosper, you can add many more options to choose from to your business.

Ideas for decorating princess parties

In this type of party, both girls and boys look for princess motifs for their favorite characters. Among the princess, favorites are Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, pepa pig, superheroes, princesses, pocoyo or drawings that are in fashion on princess television channels.

In this type of birthday, you must have decorative figures, tablecloths, plates, bases for cake, for sweets, etc. allusive to said characters, or you can decorate them.

Parties with fun games

There are parents who want to surprise their princess, so they choose to rent playground equipment for the duration of the party.

If your initial business budget allows it, you can buy games such as mini slides, inflatable games , jumping jacks, etc. and you can rent these games.

Remember, and this point is FUNDAMENTAL, when you intend to rent playground equipment for a birthday party.

You should verify that they have periodic maintenance, because otherwise, you could expose the safety of the princess.

If you don’t take this into account, it could even lead to problems in your business, but even criminal problems. Be responsible.

How to start your princess party decoration business?

The ideal is to start your business from scratch and gradually make it grow. Therefore, many of the items that you include in your budget, you can buy them wholesale in specialized galleries.

For example, if what you are organizing is the decoration of a Disney-themed birthday, have contract formats with budgets. In these documents, you must detail all the products to be used, ranging from decorative balloons, piñatas, cake bases, tablecloths, etc.

Of course, try to work ethically so that your potential clients continue to hire you services. Once your budget has been approved, in your contract you must stipulate an advance payment. This will allow to cover the costs of raw materials or manage 100% advance payment.

To start your princess party business, you have two alternatives, rent a small place where you can offer your services directly, or do it online. In the case and for this, you could develop your web page or also offer your services, via facebook pages, by marketplace, by instagram, etc. We wish you the best of success!