How to start a sticker business for wall?

How to start a sticker business for wall

Home decorations are an area full of opportunities, where every day new niches are generated in the market. And today, one of the most booming niches is the wall sticker business, as vinyl gives a personalized touch to home decorations. The good thing about this business is that apart from being very profitable, it is very easy to start, where it only requires creativity and the desire to undertake. If you want to start in this business, here are some tips on how to start a sticker business.

How to start a sticker business?

As a first step, you must learn how to make wall stickers or decals, it is something very simple to do and on YouTube, there are many tutorials on how to make them, how to cut them and what type of vinyl to use. In the adhesive business, there is a great variety of posters and for different uses, whether commercial or artistic, for the home.

How to start a sticker business for wallChoose a target market and audience

There are many wall stickers and for different uses, so it is recommended to choose the one that has the most demand in the market. Currently, wall stickers are in great demand, but you can also choose for cars, business posters, shop windows, offices, etc. You can also cover all niches, but it is already a bit more complicated, so I recommend focusing on just one.


In general, I recommend selling wall stickers online and avoid entering into monthly expenses, but if you want to set up a store on the street, you must find a strategic place. And one of the best places to start a wall sticker business is near schools, where potential customers exist every minute. From the mothers who will take the children and the children themselves, remember that it is a decoration niche for which it targets mothers and children.

Business structure

To structure the stickers or adhesives business, it is recommended to divide the premises into two parts: show the work done, designs, and the other to carry out the work and save the stock done.

Equipment Needed for a Wall Decal / Wall Decal Business

You can find many industrial printers for wall stickers in the market, so you should choose the one that best suits your work since you can find monochrome and multicolor printers. As well as printers of 1 meter and others of 2 meters, you must plan what type of vinyl you will use and what will be your maximum work measurements. And based on that, choose the type of machinery.

What do you need for a vinyl decal business?

– Trimming machine
– Digital Printing Machine
– Worktable
– Computers / Computer, Software to work (Photoshop, Illustrators, etc), Shelves.

Resell Wall Stickers

If you do not have enough money to buy the machinery, you can choose to resell the wall stickers, as the investment is much lower and you can resell through the Internet. By selling online, you save the investment of a physical location and all the investments that this implies.

But is it still profitable? Although it is still profitable, although obviously, the profit margins will not be the same, it serves to start in the field with a low investment. You can also offer your designs, but you should look for a graphic to make the designs you need.

Making the Wall Stickers

Although it is an easy business to start, it is necessary to know different editing tools such as Photoshop / Illustrators, where the different adhesives will be designed. It is recommended that you do training on this software or hire a graphic designer to work for you.

Once the design has been made, it is passed to the printer, which will print and cut it (depending on which machine you have bought). If your printer does not cut automatically, you must do it on a trimming table.