How to Work and Find Fruit Picking Jobs Near You

fruit picking jobs

One of the sectors that require more workers throughout the year is agriculture, especially to pick fruit in the field. I was finding the fruit picking jobs near me. After a few days of trial, I have got the news and applied for the suitable one. In the USA and other countries, hundreds of people get a job for several months a year, either to pick blueberries, tomatoes, grapes, peas, strawberries or any other fruit of the best known, which are the ones that more are cultivated.

The fruit picking jobs

Fruit picking jobs are not stable jobs for the whole year, since it depends on the season of each fruit, but combining some fruits with others and knowing the sector well you can work practically 12 months. Of course, it is very difficult for the work to be in the same areas since you can pick strawberries in one country and when the harvest season arrives, travel to another where more staff is required. Thus, we are going to detail how to work picking fruit in the field in other countries. Take note!

How to work collecting fruit in the field in the USA

Of course, The USA is one of the countries in which most jobs are offered in the fruit picking seasons. The various agricultural companies, such as the wine companies, hire hundreds of people several months a year to be able to carry out the harvest in a short time. However, with this issue in the USA, we find a big problem, and that is that they tend to pay little, so that almost all jobs are left to immigrants to be able to reside legally, but many of the native people to work in high seasons prefer to go to other countries, such as France.

Therefore, if you want to work picking fruit in the USA, you will have to contact the agricultural companies in this country through their websites, to send them your application and curriculum vitae.

Pick fruit abroad

Nowadays, the best option for Spaniards who want to pick fruit in the field is to look abroad, since there are many countries that pay very well and that hire people of any nationality, especially citizens of the World. Thus, in countries such as Denmark or France, you can find the best destination for the different seasons of harvesting fruits and other vegetables, being also very well paid, since normally you pay about 12 dollars per hour or 80 dollars per kilo collected.

To work in other countries, picking fruits in the field, you will have to find the different companies that are dedicated to this in each country and contact them through their websites to send them your job application and your curriculum vitae, bearing in mind that at least you will need a certain level of English to do the papers or the language of the country you choose, such as French or Danish.

How to work in the fruit picking jobs?

Temporary is that person who is dedicated to the work of the collection of fruits and vegetables. Now that the fruit harvest season begins, we want to inform you of the possibilities you have to work in this agricultural sector.

You can work as a seasonal worker both abroad since, in other countries such as France, which is so famous for harvesting, you also have employment opportunities.

Suppose you are interested in working in the USA. In that case, you should know that the general unions in the agricultural sector function as intermediaries, so you should contact the Autonomous Community’s headquarters to which you belong. In them, you will have an Information Office for the temporary or similar where they will inform you of all the job offers and help you solve any questions you have. You can also search the SEPE website, the website of the Ministry of Labor and Immigration, for all offers through the Eures network.

If you plan to work in the summer outside of the USA, during the summer, you should bear in mind that you already have to spend more money, starting with the plane ticket and in some cases the accommodation. However, it is a beautiful experience and it is also not necessary that you be an expert in the language. Being able to defend yourself to communicate is enough.

England: April to October is the strawberry picking season. You can search for job openings on sites.

France: From May to September is the harvest time, the areas where you can find more work.
Netherlands: Strawberry and asparagus picking is very common and there is plenty of supply. You must send your CV in English or Dutch.

Finland: There are agricultural offers here throughout the country. However, in most companies, they usually ask you to speak Finnish and/or Swedish to know how to defend yourself enough to work in the agricultural sector.

Working as a temp is to have a good physical shape since it is a very hard job. You will spend many hours outdoors, loading and unloading and depending on where you go. You can suffer from high temperatures and have a driving license since many of the rural areas that offer these jobs do not have public transport or are poorly located.

We advise you that you do it in the country’s language and with the cover letter the same when sending the CV. If you are looking for work, it is best that you also send the CV in person, since in many farms they do not have internet and therefore, you cannot send them the CV.