Inspiration for your park home garden

Park homes are small and functional, and you may think that there is little opportunity to personalise your garden area. If you do want to make any major changes, such as adding fencing or a low wall, you will need permission from the site manager. However, simple modifications should be possible. There will be restrictions on the height of fences and walls permitted.

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What changes can I make to my park home garden?

You will need to look at the individual guidelines when you view park homes for sale. Many of the sites will not allow residents to replace turf with shingle.

A few design ideas

Consider a Japanese theme or recreate a small beach by your park home. This theme lends itself to planting on a small scale. For some ideas on trees for small spaces, take some inspiration from the RHS at Box hedging fits really well with this style of garden. Japanese gardens are very low-maintenance and have year-round interest. Although most park homes will not allow owners to replace turf with shingle, there is scope for shingle in pots.

Pots are a good option for small spaces. They can be planted with bulbs and other annuals and perennials. Rosemary, bay and other perennial herbs are very attractive and are useful for culinary purposes. Annual herbs such as basil and parsley can be grown quickly from seeds. Pots can also be moved to change the look of a garden.

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Raised beds are a good option if you want a small vegetable garden, but you will need to check the guidelines for what is permitted.

Garden ornaments and simple ideas such as painted slabs also add colour and interest whilst being low-maintenance.

Consider wall planters. When choosing varieties of plants, don’t forget that pansies and violas will flower for many months. Non-hardy geraniums will flower from late May to October, offering enormous value.

If you are thinking of retiring and finding somewhere lower-maintenance to live, take a look at the exciting range of park homes for sale at sites like

There is sure to be something there to suit your taste and budget. You will soon be well on your way to living in your dream home and planning your small but perfectly formed garden space.