London and Dublin are using the internet in innovative ways, are you?

London and Dublin have for some time now been a leading force in the development of technology. Along with other major world cities, they both produce and welcome pioneers. Utilising computers and the internet is no exception. So as a business designing a new website, you can’t afford to be left behind.


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Using the internet to improve the city

According to the Guardian a project that aims to improve London has been canvasing ideas from locals about the way the Mayor should use their influence to shape London. They have generated enough interest to compile a book from the ideas provided.

As a London or Dublin business, you would do well to follow their lead in this regard. Why not make customer interaction key to your online strategy? After all, web design in Dublin is readily available from experts who are often one step ahead of those elsewhere.

A company like based in Dublin could work with you to take advantage of the inclination to engage online. What better way to attract new customers than engaging your loyal fans on your website and on social media to tell you what they want to see from your business?

The next generation

It seems that use of computers and the internet will only become more prevalent in the future. The BBC have revealed their newest gadget to teach web design, the Micro Bit. It is designed to teach computer programming – and it’s aimed at children.

There are few businesses these days that don’t use the internet in some way shape or form. Virtually everyone has a website. We all think we are experts in SEO and internet use. We can find any information we need online, about literally everything.

But how many of us are actually getting it right? Have you ever asked your customers what they think of your website? What about a stranger who doesn’t know you or your business and has no idea what you do? It is surprising how many websites are inaccessible to the extent that new users don’t even know what business area they work in. Think how many customers you could lose.