Marketing strategies in Retail that will get you new customers

Every business needs a marketing strategy. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, your business will always need customers. We have got some great tips and hints from companies like a Cheltenham It Support service that were found at sites including that we are hoping will help.   Read on for some of these ideas!

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If you already have a shop or retail premises, you already have one of the most valuable assets and should start making the most of it. Your product is what people will buy, or go elsewhere for, so understanding your customer and what they want is key. Most people are more than happy to spend a few minutes of their time answering some questions for you, particularly if they are already customers. Be clear what it is you want to know, and don’t ramble.


Once you have your offer right, look at your display. Try to see all elements of your retail space from your customers’ perspective. This includes the space outside your shop, including the entrance and the car park if you have one. Make the merchandising eye catching and be sure to have a clearly labelled price on view. Few businesses have customers who are willing to part with their cash without knowing how much they will have to pay and you don’t want to risk losing a potential sale for something as simple as the lack of a price tag.

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Appeal to all your customers’ senses with a visual display, something they can touch and feel, and consider in store music to set the scene. Your choice of music can have a bigger impact on your sales than you might think – too slow and your customers will subconsciously be turned off the prospect of buying; too fast and you will encourage them to go straight out of the door without a purchase!

Marketing Land has more ideas on retail strategies that really work, so start planning your own strategy today.

Once you have the in store set-up sorted, you can start working on the digital promotion of your product through advertising and social media; however, be aware that social media is increasingly ‘pay to play’ and success will be limited unless you are willing to attach a budget.