Psychological segmentation to reach consumers based on why they buy

Reach to consumers

Psychographic information helps to understand what the consumer expects the brand and what the brand has to do to get directly to them.

Brands want to be increasingly efficient in connecting with consumers. They want to know them better and want to offer the emails you really want to hear or see and that will really connect with the brand in question. The know everything about the consumer has become a crucial point to understand how these and what they expect of brands and products. Therefore, companies accumulate information and more information about your prospects and cross more and more data to create more effective and accurate profiles.

Reach to consumers
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In addition, one of the elements that helps to better understand consumers and provide more suitable products to how they are and what they expect is to draw on psychology. Brands can not only make demographic segmentation or keep more generic elements, but also can stay in much more concrete and specific aspects. In this context, it is the psychological segmentation born.

What do the marks when applying this type of segmentation?

The companies focus on studying personality, interests, attitudes and values ​​of consumers to make consumer divisions and create messages in line with them. Instead of staying with their age or the place where they live, as with demographic segmentation, here are more focused on what could be seen as what they are or what they feel to be able to offer messages more chords what they really care.

The difference between psychological and demographic information is in a clear tone but much changes things, as explained in a study of HubSpot. In the case of demographic data, information points to brands that their customers are. In the case of psychological or psychographic segmentation, what you are seeing is why the consumer buys.

Understand consumer psychology might require in the past to major studios and large market analysis, because in the end we think, feel or believe is not something that is shared on a recurring basis and is not information that is so simple data such as geographic location or age of consumers. The information is much harder to find and more limited input. However, the evolution of technological tools and the fact that consumers increasingly share more and more information about themselves has made it easier than ever to know who they are and what they want to share.

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Social networks have become some allies that allow to know better than ever that enable consumers and get more specific information about how they are and what they want, having a more accurate picture of the issues that can help make a psychological segmentation vision. In some social networks, as is the case of Twitter, these data are there for those who want to find, since there are few users who have a closed profile.

Personality, key to connect

How can this information help consumer personality? As explained in the analysis of SocialBro, which started from the information found in Twitter to establish its analysis on the psychological segmentation, information will allow them to know better your audience, as it will not only tell you what they are interested or how they respond to but certain elements that help anticipate how they will respond to that particular campaign and what their reaction. The data also allow to establish personality traits prevailing in each consumer group and establish more effective strategies to reach them.

Thus, marketers can better choose who will lead and create more efficient campaigns in establishing who is connected and how it will be. The example that position in the analysis is good enough to explain how to meet consumer personality can help establish what the best way to connect with him is: “if you want to generate visits to a store can select as a target of your campaign users Twitter who are more likely to redeem coupons “they explain. That is, the campaign can be directed to those consumers who are more prone to a particular thing. When you know how they think it is easier to find a service or product that fit what they want or need.

To this, we must add that having personality and psychological data on the consumer helps to be more efficient in connecting with them: the final image of the audience is much clearer and much closer to reality.

Psychographic information helps to understand what the consumer expects the brand and what the brand has to do to get directly to them. Sometimes, what the consumer wants is not so much information about the product and its advantages but rather data that reassurance regarding the same. Sometimes what you hope is a kind of ‘blessing’ to use the product or what you want is that the product works for you to feel younger, happier or safer. Analyze consumer psychology allows us to understand all these points and enables rely on the most suitable to connect with them.