Surprisingly Sensible Celebrity Cars

When it comes to the world of celebrity, we always expect excess. Huge mansions, over-the-top fashion and of course, super-fast supercars. Rather surprisingly though, there are some celebs who prefer comfort, sense and a slightly lower profile. So, who are these famous faces who like to drive the types of vehicles that us mere mortals can also afford?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Eco-warrior Leo has a car to match his green credentials. His hybrid Toyota Prius will be setting an example of being both cost-effective and energy-saving. He devotes a lot of effort to worthy causes, whether they be war-torn countries, famine or issues causing damage to the climate and wildlife so it’s great that he backs this up by not choosing a gas-guzzling monster to drive. He is obviously more concerned with greater issues than his ego. For the thrill of a new car every year, think about Car leasing in Leicester and visit

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Mel Gibson

These guys can afford whatever they fancy and yet, here is another example of a severe lack of motoring excess. Apparently worth $400 million, Mel drives round in a beat-up Toyota Cressida and has been spotted in a Smart car. Sensible? Yes. Sexy street cred? Definitely not.

Daniel Radcliffe

Spending your formative days on a broomstick has clearly gone to the young man’s head. We’re fairly sure he’s moved up in the world since but he allegedly spent his first acting wages on a car, a Fiat Punto. Reliable, sturdy and probably at the request of his parents, the Punto is not very Hollywood but a sensible choice for a young man with little driving experience.

Justin Timberlake

The heart-throb musician and former squeeze of Britney Spears has appeared in 17 movies, is currently married to the beautiful Jessica Biel and is massively successful in every way. Expecting him to drive round in something straight out of a Bond movie? Think again. Justin drives a Volkswagen Jetta. Perhaps these celebs are onto a clever ruse. By driving cars we’d never associate with the rich and famous enables them to move around under the radar of the paparazzi and screaming fans.

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Steve Ballmer

Now this isn’t a household name but Steve Ballmer is the former CEO of Microsoft and current owner of the NBA’s LA Clippers team. As you can imagine, he must be worth a bob or two. Does he drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini? No, he drives a Ford Fusion Hybrid which even at the highest specs would only cost around $35,000. Steve Ballmer is said to be worth in the region of $20 billion! Maybe he has wisely invested it for a rainy day or has a secret garage full of Bentleys, who knows!

Clint Eastwood

This guy is a legend of the silver screen and has been a part of over 50 films during his career in Hollywood. But as you’d expect from an actor of such tough integrity and intensity, he favours function over flamboyance.  Mr Eastwood likes his SUVs and has had a GMC Typhoon which looked a lot like the Ford Jimmy but had a turbo-charged 4.3l V6 engine nestled under the bonnet!