The power of unique selling feature

Unique selling feature

Have you ever wondered what differentiates a company’s sales with those of another? Have you noticed that even having the best product on the market, there is no guarantee of business success?

The solution to these issues is very simple and is summarized basically the power to sell your unique selling feature.

What is the unique selling feature?

Simply put, it is what makes your business stand out and excel. What sets you apart and gives you a special place in the minds of your prospects. What creates the memory and making your business in “good”? It is definitely the answer to the question of the consumer “why buy this product and not the competition?”

Unique selling feature
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How do you find your Unique Selling Feature?

Find and define your unique selling feature is not simple, and has only one way. There are multiple options and the answer is a combination of several of them. In addition, the unique feature of Sale depends on the type of business, the size of it and its own characteristics.

However, there are some guidelines that can be followed to begin the search for precious element. They are not the only way, but they can help in the early days:

1) Put your own personal stamp: Especially in small businesses, creative personality is key, since there is no way to compete with it. The hallmark of each is difficult to imitate. Take this advantage to the fullest.

2) Combine ideas: Often not about inventing something new, if not combine two existing ideas that have not been combined before, but complementary. Think about your business and what could give added value to your product.

3) Reduce your target market or Focus on one in particular: Not only will your easiest and most effective promotional strategies, specialization will definitely differ. For example, a photographer who specializes in restoration may offer its services directly to restaurants or cooking magazines and media. Turn it around and think from the other side, you’re a restaurant and you need photos of your dishes, would not you rather hire a photographer who specializes in it?

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4) Specialize your product: It is one of the strategies used, but also the most effective. If you become the expert of your product or service you will have a starting point outdone also specialize in related products.

When it comes to develop a unique selling feature, it seems that we are leaving out prospects that might be our consumers. However, if we try to like everyone, we will end up not liking anyone in particular. The aim of the unique feature of Sale is much closer to a particular segment, in order to have better results.

An important point to consider is the speed with which you spread your CUV, because if you’re not fast enough to make it known, your competitors surely will do and then if the results will be counterproductive. Do not forget that hits first hits twice and never be able to take that place. There are many examples, all know who the first to say was: “30 minutes or it’s free” and although competition has wanted to imitate that promotion, they have not been able to overcome them.