The speeches of Winston Churchill

Generally voted the Greatest Britain Second World War leader Winston Churchill was reckoned to be by pretty good at giving an inspirational speech. Churchill was always dressed impeccable when he  delivered his speeches and you could imagine him wearing Farah Shirts likes the ones you can find at, if he was still in the inspirational speaker business.

What are the best ones he gave? Unsurprisingly most of them are centred on the War. Here are some of his best, he certainly knew how to get people motivated and prepared even though the situation seemed deeply bleak.

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  1. Starting to get worried about Hitler in 1934 – Appeasement was the key policy of Britain and its Allies who seemed to think that if they let Hitler get what he wanted, namely not paying reparations and building up the Army again, he would leave everyone alone. Churchill knew different and said “We are even within Canon-shot of the continent!” Unpalatable as it might seem he was urging that we stop German expansion sooner or face the consequences.
  2. Seeing through Munich 1938. Churchill was unimpressed by Chamberlains “Peace in our time” script. “This is only the beginning of the reckoning” surmising that Hitler and Mussolini were totally lying especially about invading Poland. One year on and we are at War.