Top 10 ideas for new business

Innovative Ideas

New ideas destined to become successful commercial products or to be forgotten in a few years. Innovation and imagination are still the best way to create new job opportunities and earnings.

Innovative ideas circulating the world today with an unthinkable speed. It always has been, but with the new technologies of communication, you can still know them before they become successful prototypes or end up on the back burner of useless inventions.

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Springwise, the authoritative international network based in London and specializes in the collection of new business ideas, has selected the 10 best ideas from around the world, which could develop into successful commercial products and generate new business opportunities…

  1. The invisible helmet for cyclists: The idea comes from Sweden, a country that, despite the latitude, adopted this means of transport as reducing air pollution. For example, in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city with about 300,000 inhabitants, a quarter of all journeys are made ​​with the two wheels. The inventors Swedish, also to favor the increase of the spread of the bicycle, they have thought of a helmet (Hövding)which is actually a simple collar that in case of accident protects the entire head, a bit like the airbag of an automobile. The advantage of the invisible helmet is more protection and greater comfort than traditional helmets.
  2. Electronic platform for payments through facial recognition. The new technology of UNIQUL, a company based in Finland, will reduce access times to payment systems in just 5 seconds. It also lets you collect a huge amount of data and to offer customers a totally personalized service.
  3. The supermarket intelligent: The Hellmann’s Brazil, the famous brand of mayonnaise, is working on tablet to be inserted in shopping carts, offering recipes and ingredients at the approach of the cart to the product. The technology helps the consumer at the moment of decision making. The supermarket sector is smart expected strong growth in the coming years.
  4. 3D prints for the blind: From Japan comes the idea of web search engines, which in addition to displaying video search results, print them in 3D, as objects that give a tactile experience to blind children. Moreover, it is almost ready technology to transform recycled plastics user, objects printed in 3D.
  5. Language translator in real time: The handheld device SIGMO, translates speech into 25 languages ​​in real time, fully automatically and bidirectionally, between users who speak different languages.
  6. Electronic devices can be connected like Lego bricks: There are on the market a range of products, with smart features to connect all the home devices to the Internet and to offer new control functions, such as monitoring domestic consumption. In Switzerland, the company digital STROM, has developed intelligent devices that connect and are assembled like Lego bricks.
  7. The hospital intelligent: In South Korea, they really made ​​a hospital where the patient can fully interact with a smartphone. Instead of promising technologies, for example, by the health system which meant costs and more red tape, with a worsening of all the service, the Koreans have a fully automated hospital on patients’ needs.
  8. Clothing created by the customer: In London, the trendy shop YrStore, allowed its customers to design their own clothes, seeing them made ​​before ending the visit to the store. The software developed by the designers, you can design as closely as the fashion that expresses the personality of the client.
  9. Feed favorite blogs, made ​​into personalized television show. The idea made ​​by Guide, is to create a platform for aggregation of news preferred by users, taken from blogs and social networks. The presentation of content is via a TV news channel completely customized.
  10. Train tickets payable with recycled cans: Brazil comes from the idea of giving away a trip on the subway to travelers who had successfully delivered the beer cans in the bins of waste. The initiative was taken at the Rio carnival, to promote recycling and to encourage the use of public transport.

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