What is the role of the motivational speaker?

We’ve all heard of motivational speakers, and many of us think we could be one – but what do they really do? Is it all as simple as most of us would like to think?

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What does a motivational speaker really do?

Perhaps their most important role is to change the mindset of the people they deal with. Most people focus on the negative most of the time. We have to make a real effort to think positively, and it takes time and effort to do this on a regular basis. The role of the speaker is to put us in a positive mindset and flip our thinking by connecting with us emotionally.

How do they do it?

Generally speaking, inspirational speakers use their own stories to inspire people and to show how their story can be related to the audience. They might be talking about the time they sailed the Atlantic single-handed or how they overcame some other adversity and how this can relate to the workplace or school. It doesn’t really matter what the experience is; what matters is how the speaker connects their experience with their audience.

There are many speakers. Some specialise in particular areas. Some speakers may be more general, while others, such as https://www.adventureman.org/motivational-speaker/, might tailor their speeches to the needs of a particular group or organisation. Special areas might be personal development (which is probably what most of us think of when we think about inspirational speakers), business speakers, and youth mentors.

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Who are they?

Some famous motivational speakers are Ruby Wax and Chris Akabusi. Even Alistair Campbell was, according to The Telegraph, one of several motivational speakers who were hired to train civil servants on the secrets of leading strategically Campbell apparently didn’t get paid directly, but a couple of thousand was spent buying copies of his book for the managers he was teaching.

How much do they cost, and are they worth it?

You can imagine that many of the speakers named above don’t come cheap. However, less-famous speakers don’t command nearly as much. Are these speakers worth it? If you have ever heard a good speaker talk, you will know the answer to that. They can be totally transformational and educational, but be sure to do your homework first.