Why It Pays to Hire a Professional Website Designer

You can learn to do just about anything online – even how to create a website, along with a smattering of digital marketing. So surely it’s a relatively simple matter to put together a professional-looking website? A professional in this field would disagree. There is a lot of talent, thought and consideration that goes into web design.   Digitel provide a tailor made Gloucester Web Design Service. Professional doesn’t always mean expensive with many web designers offering their services for very reasonable prices.

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Anyone Can Be a Web Developer, Can’t They?

Well, actually the answer is ‘no’. Unless you happen to have studied marketing, HTML, CSS, graphic design, layout and a host of other technological subjects, you will very quickly be out of your depth and quite possibly out of pocket as well, since the ‘free’ versions of DIY website platforms tend to be littered with adverts.

Moreover, free and cheap DIY website providers tend to give out complicated domain names with their own company’s name nested within, sending out a message to the world that you’ve opted to go it alone. If you don’t have sufficient faith in your goods or services to pay for a professional to showcase them online, then should your customers be prepared to part with their hard-earned cash for them?

DIY Doesn’t Mean Easy

A recent article on the Alphr site, dedicated to all things technological, suggested that, far from being ‘intuitive and simple to use’, DIY website building programs tend to be complicated and unwieldy, and they yield far from professional results.

Forbes is in complete agreement with Alpha. According to a recent article posted online, spending too little on a website invariably results in poor design, and poor design leads to fewer visitors and even fewer sales.

Many small businesses have been put off from hiring professionals by expensive pricing structures and contracts that tie them into hosting and updating services. In the past, some web design companies locked clients into expensive contracts by controlling the domain name and hosting service, but there are a number of companies now trying to buck this trend in an attempt to give their clients more freedom of choice.

In the competitive online world it can be hard to get your message across, but hiring professional assistance ensures that your company reaches the right people at the right time – and creates the right impression when it does.