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Customer Loyalty

One of the most important concerns of any business is how to get your customers to trust him not only once but to repeat. Then we talk about loyalty. Loyalty is a term used in marketing that determines how loyal a customer is a company once known.

Indeed, this is one of the most important issues discussed in the course eCommerce for entrepreneurs. The task of loyalty is simply to get the purchase made by the customer is the beginning of the next and this must be applied the same media that incite to repeat it. Loyalty can be a measure of bond with the customer. According to some marketing surveys, only 40% of customers with a higher rate of satisfaction 80% repeat purchase, so, to the extent we get high satisfaction and perceived service quality, we will increase the possibility of the customer repeat purchase.

Customer Loyalty
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A condition for the loyalty of a customer is earning your trust. If the customer trust us, then we can offer a service, here reward for giving us their confidence in order to do it again.

The key is to get loyalty confidence and this will be very caring aspects such as:

  • Fulfilling your word: Although it has made a mistake’s, let, even if you lose money, but you you’ve given your word. This will generate a lot of confidence in the company.
  • Give the customer more than they expected: Customers build all expectations in their purchases, so if it is achieved that these are overcome, their satisfaction with the purchase will be much higher.
  • They are able to solve any problems to him to the extent that you can solve any unforeseen, customer satisfaction with the company grow.

One of the most common technical forms for customer loyalty is rewarding them. Offering gifts, vouchers, checks, discounts or special deals positively influence the perception and customer satisfaction regarding the company. To the extent that the customer can get a special customer for the company sits, the relationship, the bond and affection of this will grow enormously.

However, many companies are wondering how to reach a first time buyer. Loyalty begins when the client already knows your business, but so far, there is a before undertaking work full of challenges. In the case of Web services, much of the commercial success comes down to the positioning of our website, or in other words, how accessible is this website to a user.

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Keys to position our web

In short: one of the keys to success of any business, and why you will get an advantage over others is its ease to be found. At this point we find the search engine optimization or commonly known as SEO, which deals with optimizing the visibility of a website in search results on major search engines. The SEO is to generate material on the web in the form that the user looking to solve their problems, so that it is easier their indexing in these search engines.

With this purpose, there are certain aspects that you must consider that this is done in an optimal way:

  • Know your users: Users consume information differently. To the extent that you know who you’re headed, segments your audience and you adapt to it, get to be your reference website. You have to find out what worries them and how to look for information to make your visits.
  • Original content: The content is the key to positioning, with no original content; you will not be the only one to offer, so that users will have more choice.
  • Choose the most used keywords: Once you know your users will be easier to know how they want their information and what the terms they use are, so you have to adjust to it to get a good indexing in search engines crowded.
  • Plan: Set a goal you want to achieve with your positioning.
  • Use visual content: Images and videos enliven the reading, and users tend to always see the image before the text, so it will be a good way to get their attention. Meanwhile, the video is most consumed material on the web, so that using them will not be a bad idea.
  • Listen to your users: The best way to create a content adapted to the user is listening to their wills. To the extent you have running different tools that will provide feedback; you will be more aware of the requirements of users and with this better accommodate them. A web user is not the owner.
  • Do not abuse advertising: The user does not like to be reading interferes with advertising, so you should not shower him with banners or pop ups.
  • Renews the content of your website regularly: The key for users to revisit your page is that each time you access, find a new reason to stay.
  • Take care of your appearance: The design of your website is something to keep in mind to make it attractive to your users. The fact that your users operating in a clean and nice web design will always be a plus for your image. In the past two years, the web design adapted to tablets and smartphones is becoming almost indispensable, so have a design “responsive” will open the doors of many users.
  • Strengthen your personal brand: Investment to strengthen your blog, ie your brand will always be a good choice for you apart from competitors.
  • Measure your results: Use Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools lets you know the impact of your actions on the web, so you get to determine what actions are welcomed by your users or, conversely, which have attracted a lower expectation.  visit here to know more like this article.

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