10 technologies that will become the business of the century

Business of the Century

Difficult to make predictions in the field of new technologies, but you can bet that the business of the century will find inspiration from one of the ten most promising technologies and revolutionary arising from work and ingenuity of the best minds of our time.

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Although predicting the future is very difficult, it is certainly possible to imagine that anyone who is smart enough to make innovative and marketable technologies most promising and revolutionary available, able to make millions in profits.

Tons of items and gadgets that surround our lives, were once only in the fantasies of science fiction writers. So today, who can not imagine how to employ the latest technologies on the market, has before him a pot of gold just waiting to be opened.

Here are ten technologies that promise to revolutionize the lives of all and earn a lot of money to those who can market them, making them accessible from the global market.

  1. SPACE TRAVEL: Companies such as Virgin Galactic and SpaceX are vying to become the first to commercialize space travel. Although there are still failing, it does not seem too far off the time when ordinary people will buy tickets for a trip into space.Certainly, the first trip will be prohibitively expensive for most people but, with time, could become accessible to the general public. The catalogs of travel agencies will be enriched with destinations that today we can hardly imagine!
  2. Inter-species communication: Many researchers are working to understand the language of animals and this technology, still in its infancy, could allow one day to have a translator between the animal and the human language. An event that could disrupt many certainties of the human race, as to consider man as the most intelligent creature of all creation.
  3. MEMORY STREAMING: Beyond the ethical questions this technology raises, the ability to record and play back individual human experience is not as remote as you might think. The technology is however far enough away from the opportunity to relive the experience of a human being with a simple exchange of memory.
  4. BIONIC: It is the application of biological principles to the study of mechanical and electronic systems. In other words, cyborg super-intelligent tasks strenuous or risky for humans. A technology that could create a rich new market that will make huge profits.
  5. REALITY ‘VIRTUAL: An idea that dates back to the 70s, became a reality in this century, but still promises developments hardly imaginable. Virtual reality is an artificial environment, engaging and interactive, that responds to sensory stimulation in exactly the same way as the real world. This is achieved through the perception of visual data projected through an ocular device in the eyes of the viewer. Many analysts predict that the video game industry will achieve amazing results in the coming decades due to the development of this technology.
  6. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: This technology refers to the ability of a computer to absorb, analyze and learn information in a more or less similar to how a human would. An idea that has always been obsessed with science fiction fans. A great deal of money has been poured into research to get a “smart technology” that will be available on wearable devices or cars able to drive without a driver.
  7. CLONING: Although cloning raises many ethical dilemmas and religious, the possibilities offered by this technology in the medical field for transplanting organs and rebuild human tissue are truly mind-boggling. The potential market for such applications is immense and this century is very likely that we will see progress unimaginable.
  8. NUCLEAR FUSION: When Ernest Rutherford, in 1917, managed for the first time in human history to divide a single atom, thus making possible the creation of modern nuclear reactors, no one would have thought the opposite process, the fusion of two atoms in a single particle, it was so hard to achieve. Who will create fusion reactors it will have realized the dream of generations of scientists about the availability of nuclear energy safe and in large quantities.
  9. HOLOGRAPHY: Holograms, artificial three-dimensional objects that appear real thanks to complex techniques of light scattering, have been for many years a curiosity.Currently, this technology is used by the industry to create pornographic girls dancing topless on our desktop. Who will implement holography can exploit a huge market, such as the Adult, which seems not expect anything else.
  10. ROBOTICS: It has always been a technology in which scientists around the world have placed high expectations, since the ’60s. The creation of synthetic life forms that are an imitation of our physical structure, was the dream of humanity forever. Over the past 50 years, robotics has seen an impressive level of development but has not yet managed to create an android real, something that could happen in the next 20 or 30 years.
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