10 Tips to win your first million

first million

Do you want to start building your way to financial success? One of your financial goals is to win a million, but do not know how? …

I have the firm conviction to help people achieve their dreams … win the first million is one of them. In this article you will find the basis and essential instructions to achieve that desired financial goal. Once you get it, do not stop … always go for more.

1. Think of an idea that benefits and reach millions

In the words of the world’s richest man Bill Gates: “If your business is not online … does not exist”. Internet offers millions minds an ocean of possibilities, millions of potential customers and a market that moves billions of dollars daily. Your task will be to think of innovative and revolutionary ideas that make life easier for people. Become a problem solver mass and the million you are looking for will be in your bank account before you can imagine.

first million
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2. Saving you never make it, you have to invest

Early last century people managed to save, securing their financial future and that of their next generations. The old idea of saving every penny is not enough today. Inflation, taxes and ever-rising prices, are indicators that brings savings losses. The only way to make your first million in this new era is … Investing.

3. Benchmarking power, no need to invent Facebook or iPhone

The technique preferred by Japanese entrepreneurs. We discussed that never before in the history of mankind win your first million so easy. This technique proves to do business perfectly. Stop break your head, you do not need to be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg to make your first million. With so much competition in the market and millions of products, your work will be to analyze the weaknesses in processes, products and services that competitors offer. Errors of your competition should become your strategy opportunities. A failed application, a blog mismanaged and poor customer service are examples that can take advantage of the power of benchmarking, “the weakness of your competition is your greatest strength.”

4. Profits are better than wages

Are you one of those who think that climbing the corporate ladder achieve your financial dreams? I regret to say that this idea is in the past along with the practice of saving. If you are thinking seriously about earning your first million you record yourself in the mind the following “Profits are better than wages, an employee will never be financially free”. Being aware of this, your obligation will become the owner of your own business and say “Bye, bye” to your boss.

5. Squeezes the budget, learn to live on less than you earn

It seems obvious, but 95% of people remain poor because they cannot delay gratification. They spend more than they earn. How is this possible? Bad debts! Do you want to own your first million? Practice the habit “not spends more money than I’m making.” This is not to deprive yourself of the basic things of life, but to avoid unnecessary costs. Live below your financial possibilities until you no longer do. A financial tip: the money you have left bad spending may be invested in your new company.

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6. Entrepreneurship is the key to financial freedom

We talked about that being employed ever achieve your financial dreams. The most important reason … an employee is not master of his time. I am a believer that everyone has an idea of a million dollars on his head; through financial education you can remove it from your mind. Learn and undertaken in your free time … the gap between rich and poor lies in what they do after work and his salary.

7. Put your money to work … become investor

You should be aware that a poor mind will not make you win your first million. Remember that your income will grow far grow your mind. Knowing this, you must become a master of money. There is a saying “If money is not your slave, then you are a slave of money” . The direct way to make your first million is through investments … no shortcuts. Your money should generate more money and profits must work hard for you. Inject your money in projects that truly believe, you passionate projects.

8. The first step runs halfway

It’s simple, before winning a million you must learn to win 1000. The great fortunes are not made from the overnight. Are built step by step and financial foundations are the key to building great fortunes. 1000 Focus on winning, increase your effort, think of creative strategies to do more in less time and see your profits to grow … do not give up until you have reached one million.

9. Forges ahead… Look for different sources of income

Poverty is the bill that life happens to lazy people. “10 products are better than 1”. The only thing left to people who are guilty of patients are crumbs those in a hurry. This is the best way to achieve financial independence, is the best way I know to build your first million. Seeks to create assets that require minimal effort and can generate massive profits.

10. Be a Millionaire never been so easy

Today there are plenty of tools to be a millionaire, so do not complicate. There are a lot of wealth and money in the world … I can assure you that there are thousands of ways to access it. clear examples in today’s world … business blogs, YouTube channels, the world of mobile applications, digital books, coaching and counseling programs, among many more ideas. Think about the following “if the money is not in your pocket, you are in someone else … in short, while you think something is impossible, someone else is already doing”. Money flows towards people who know how to create and invest. “Learn, reversed and repeated”.

Remember that the action brings results. The only way to achieve your goals is through engagement. This instruction is a contract with your internal financial leader … as I said earlier, “Learn, reversed and repeated”.