10 Tips to improve meetings as 10 successful managers

improve meetings

Currently, meetings are in the spotlight because the business sector doubts its effectiveness. Although they are indispensable for the functioning of any organization, constant interruptions, the difficulty of bringing together teams and ultimately mismanagement, are lowered productivity of many companies that know how to conduct effective meetings. In the US alone about, 37 billion dollars spent annually on unnecessary or unproductive meetings, according to a study by Atlassian.

In this article, you will find 10 tips 10 successful managers who have managed to effectively manage their meetings to get great value from them. Notes and discover what are the best strategies to implement in your company and improve the productivity of your team.

improve meetings
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  1. Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson – Writers Rework: “The meetings are toxic”

Holding meetings improperly has high costs for the company. Hold meetings when not needed, without a well-defined purpose, with too many people or without specifying an agenda, cause a decline in our productivity. The meetings are essential for the development of our objectives is optimal but malpractice makes them toxic meetings.

  1. Christopher Frank – Vice President American Express: “Define a clear purpose for the meeting”

The vice-president of American Express, Christopher Frank, says that define the purpose of a meeting is essential for productive meetings. For Christopher Frank should be able to articulate the issue we want to solve during the meeting in less than five words. Clearly define the purpose of our meeting gets everyone working in the same direction and improves productivity.

  1. Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook Coo: “Follow a strict agenda”

Sandberg is characterized by its high level of planning. Prepare your meetings from some points of action and discussion that goes by striking out progressively to finalize completely. A well – defined agenda marks the path of the meeting and allows us to adjust the timings marked.

  1. Guy Kawasaki – Chief Evangelist in Canva “Adelanta simple tasks before the meeting”

The meeting time is limited and must be used to discuss important issues or develop weekly operational plans. We cannot spend the time to learn the facts but to improve them. It is therefore better than the information needed for the meeting in advance and simply share will spend a short time for a quick review, according to Kawasaki.

  1. Steve Jobs – Apple – “Only people needed”

Steve Jobs meetings should be limited to those team members who were indispensable to the subject that was in each of them. This enabled him to optimize the time and resources of the company and that the meetings were more concise and the most attentive and committed team.

  1. Al Pittampalli – Writer Read this before our next meeting: “If you have nothing to contribute do not come to the meeting”

Al Pittampalli attend meetings is a matter of attitude, “turn up in mind and spirit and Contribute something” .The lack of interest in the meetings can be spread to other team members by lowering their productivity. It must make clear the message that if someone is not going to add value to a meeting had better not attend the meeting, according Pittampalli.

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  1. Elon Musk – Co-founder of Tesla, Spacex and Solarcity “super-prepared people in meetings”

Elon Musk is known for being one of the most demanding in the workplace CEOs. Participants in the meeting should prepare well for the meeting, having reviewed and revised the useful information and choosing which might need during it. Similarly, the organizer of the meeting should lead by example and maintain at all times a high level of participation, as does the Musk itself.

  1. Jeff Weiner – Linkedin Ceo: “Start with good news”

The fundamental purpose of the meetings is to motivate our team to continue to achieve objectives. One of the techniques is to start with Jeff Weiner good news to address the gathering of more energetic way and spread his passion to the team.

  1. Ed Catmull – Pixar Director: “Let people express their ideas”

Ed Catmull to create a culture of meetings to encourage the participation of all team members is essential. Create an atmosphere of trust and a form of additive open to feedbacks work is the key to the meetings help create value and become more productive.

  1. Jeff Bezos – Amazon: “Avoid overindulgence”

Jeff Bezos, one of the strictest CEOs said that complacency in meetings only by promoting social cohesion is a mistake. Seek consensus at all costs to not offend the sensibilities of the team can frustrate the creativity and development of innovative proposals. Respectfully confront decisions that we do not share is a characteristic of leaders who must be strengthened, according to Bezos.

In this article, we have seen different techniques and tips on how to improve the business meetings. Wearing them depend a lot on our type of business, culture and personal opinion of each. It is not a matter of implementing all the recommendations in our meetings since each company may have a different view and develop their activities in different sectors. We must be able to select those that are more aligned with our needs and progressively implement them in our company culture. For more reviews visit http://merchantdroid.com/.