Making a budget Online Marketing

Online Marketing

One of the main challenges for SMEs and entrepreneurs is to enter the digital world and maintain its position with low investment. It may seem difficult, but not impossible!

Do not you know how to publicize your products and services online without spending thousands of dollars? Then you have to read this article. In it, you tell how to take out a strategy for online marketing successful with a limited budget.

Online Marketing for SMEs and entrepreneurs

1. Create Your Web Page

Having a website is no longer an option but an obligation for any business. Not only to be visible but also to seek conversions and generate real opportunities.

Fortunately, today there are several tools that allow you to create your own website with minimal knowledge of design and HTML. Among them we can point to Wix (in the case of eCommerce).

Online Marketing
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But first things first. Before starting squarely in creating your site, you must define two very important key points: what is it that makes you different from the rest of your competitors? This is called “differential advantage” and may be your product or service, customer service or after sale, etc. The other thing to establish is: who do you go? You need to know who your ideal client, where you live, what you do, what your tastes and interests are, etc.

Once you have defined these items, you’re ready to aboard squarely in creating your site. You want to create a website that will convert without major investment. Put into practice these tips!

  • It includes quality images and possibly people (that humanizes your brand).
  • Design a site responsive, adaptable to different resolutions and devices.
  • Add testimonials and logos of your clients to add credibility.
  • Do not forget to locate subscription forms in key locations.
  • It Includes CTAs that stimulate the action you want.

2. Create and distribute valuable content

This allows you to position your website in the top search results on Google and generate engagement in social networks. If your content is interesting, insurance will be shared!

But not only matter but also creating promotion. The more you possess channels, more people will come your content. We recommend you have a blog where you post articles in your industry and constantly update your profiles in Social Media.

Some ideas may be postings on success stories, motivational phrases, article of your blog, market trends, images of the work team, etc.

3. Send Email Marketing Campaigns

So that you have strived to create a database if you then do nothing with it? Each email you get, is a potential customer and you cannot waste it. Add it up your communication circuit begins to interact with it and achieve your sales goals. How? With the help of Email Marketing.

Today there are many tools to help you create your Email Campaigns for free as Doppler. If you have no knowledge of design or HTML, no matter. You can use their personalized and responsive templates for every occasion.

Once you select your tool, you just have to decide who will send your pieces and what they will be. In Email Marketing, the key to success is personalization, so we recommend segmenting your submissions based on various criteria such as gender, location, interests and more.

Finally, as your goal you have to decide what piece is appropriate: Newsletter, Email Promotional Campaign Seasonal or Fact.

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4. Define your strategy of Social Media

Social networks are valuable channels to drive traffic to your website or online store hyperactive. And not only that! They will help you build an online community, promote your business and build trust in your audience.

A crucial question to ask yourself is Do I need a presence in all networks? Of course not! This will depend on your niche, type of business and others. In addition, something else important: it depends on where your potential customers are.

Here we leave some tips to help you with your online strategy:

  • Create an optimized and related to the identity of your brand profile.
  • Post different types of content: your industry and market (60%), interest on your products and services (20%) purely promotional (20%).
  • Constantly updated every social network.
  • Make advertising networks that you consider necessary. (We’ll talk about this below)

5. Invest in Online Advertising

Today, with so much competition around you, you need to invest in ads to not get lost in the fog. Please note that on the web there are no quick, immediate results and less than less free. The investment is essential to position themselves and make themselves known. Take note of the following tips!

  • Identifies and determines the keywords for your ads.
  • Use the free Google Adwords extensions
  • Content and image design are key elements to stand out and get attention.
  • It includes a CTA within the image

It is time to take action

If you have taken note of each of these 5 steps to create a marketing strategy on a budget, you are ready to beat sales records. Begins as soon as possible and see the results sooner than you expect. Until next time!