3 ways to inspire a new employee to productive work

employee to productive

The first impression is always very important. In fact, people only need a few seconds to form their opinion of others. Whether it is right or wrong, but the initial impressions are very durable. And this applies to all spheres of human existence and activity, including labor activity.

According to the first hours of work of the new employee, the surrounding and senior management makes their conclusions, and the very behavior of the person sets the tone for many months and years. And vice versa, if the first impression of you is negative, then it will follow you everywhere, wherever you go and for whatever you take. That’s why it’s so important to spend time on the first steps of a new employee on a working path in your office. After all, losing reputation is much easier than winning it.

employee to productive

Here are a few ideas that will help the manager to form a good impression of the new employee among colleagues and inspire the new team member to work fruitfully.

1. Communicating with food

Start the day with breakfast in the office. Nothing fancy: donuts, sandwiches, yogurt or coffee. Share food is a sure way to break the ice and smooth the strained relationship. Joint breakfast at work is a great way to communicate, to look at each other, to get acquainted and establish the first contacts. Yes, you as an employer probably already met with a person at the interview stage. But it was a formality, there you tried to please each other, and now you need to set a working tone for your relationship, help a person integrate into the system and make it work with pleasure. Invite the other team members to participate in the morning tea party. They have their own affairs, reports, schedules and much more, but all this can very well be done a few hours later. Relationships are more important.

2. Training and goal setting

You are a busy and successful entrepreneur, otherwise you would not increase the number of employees. Nevertheless, if there is a desire to increase the productivity of a particular employee, then you will have to spend money on his training. Most likely, this will mean that you, as a minimum, will have to spend a considerable amount of time, because in the first few weeks you will have to introduce a beginner to the course of the matter. Do not let a person feel that they do not trust him. From the very first days, immerse yourself in work and assign cases corresponding to its level and competence.

Of course, you cannot expect that your new team member will do everything the way you want, because he has other experience and other habits. But this does not mean that it must be removed from work. To help the employee understand exactly how to work, so that he likes you, he will have to meet you. He will not understand what and how to do until you tell him about it. Therefore, set expectations and measurable goals. Make a plan of work, formulate goals and objectives, and tell me what you want to receive at the end of the first month of work. And believe me, an employee will appreciate this approach to the matter, you will spend much less time and nerves if you let things go by themselves, and the work efficiency will be extremely high.

3. Significant trivia

It is worth making sure that before starting work, the employee received everything that he needs for comfortable and effective work: he has a computer and all the necessary programs, he has a comfortable desk and chair, office supplies, that he has a personal phone and there is a box, where you can add personal items. That he has business cards and name badges. And all this should wait for the employee on the first day of work, and not sometime later. A person should feel a full-fledged member of the team from the very first days of work. But this will not be possible if he has a simple chair, not an office chair, a table from the pantry in the previous set, will not be in possession of the necessary equipment or uniform.

Do not hesitate to demonstrate the fact that you are happy to see this employee as a member of your work team. This will help to form a positive impression on the employee about the company and its leader, will feel like a part of the mechanism, will inspire a fruitful work from the very first days. And this means, means increasing the loyalty of a subordinate and the formation of zeal for work, which will definitely benefit your business.

With a competent approach, creating a good impression of yourself is easy enough. But losing it is also an easy thing. Therefore, the desire on the part of management to build benevolent relations with subordinates is precisely the driving force that gives impetus to long-lasting, inspired and fruitful cooperation.