Factors to consider when writing SEO-friendly content

If you are writing content for your website, it is always important to understand search engine optimisation. If you want Google to rank your page well, your content is very important; however, it is not just down to the words you use.

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The way the content is structured is also important when thinking about how search engines work. What do you need to think about when you are writing new content for your site?

Important considerations are:

– Keywords or keyword phrases.
– How competitive different terms are.
– Your competitors’ content and their word count.
– User intent – what do your visitors want?
– Any further opportunities for marketing.

Search Engine Watch highlights the importance of keywords, structure and images.

There are lots of companies that can help with your copy; for example, https://www.net9design.com/ is a website design company Gloucester. If you decide to write your own content, as a lot of small businesses do, the following basics of SEO are worth following to ensure you get the best out of your copy.

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How much to write

Google likes to see a word count of somewhere between 300 and 500. If you meet this, you have a better chance of it being preferred by Google. Anything less would not be so favourable.

Headings or titles

Headers on all pages are important, but make sure they are short and descriptive. The header would be within the H1. Numerous trends in SEO have come and gone; however, H1s remain constant and have never lost their significance.


When writing your content, try where possible to include subheadings. Think about how much easier it is to find what you are looking for if you are scanning a page of text and there are obvious subheadings. Aim to have in the region of 250-500 words under each subheading.

Use of images

Wherever you can, try to add images. It is important to include alt text, as this enables search engines to understand what the image is showing. It is important to ensure that the image has been named correctly.

Original content

Google does not like to see content that has been duplicated, so avoid copying anything from other sites. Doing so will not help your rankings at all.