How to hire a boiler engineer

Finding a good certified gas engineer is not always an easy task, especially if it is the first time you have used one. One good rule of thumb is to ask the right questions before deciding on who to hire, so let’s look at some of the questions you should ask in advance.

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You should always use an engineer who is Gas Safe registered. This is the body that registers gas engineers for the UK, ensuring that the engineer in question is qualified and has the necessary skills required to install and repair a boiler.


Asking for references from an engineer is a good way of gauging their experience and dependability. Follow up the references to see what others think of their work and whether they were satisfied.

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Make sure your engineer has insurance and always ask for a hard copy of their policies and bonds in case a major accident occurs. Never deal with an engineer who cannot provide you with provable insurance.


Always ask for a written job estimate before hiring an engineer to carry out your boiler installation. Cheltenham boiler installation experts such as will always let you know what the price will be for a call-out and what any additional costs will be depending on the parts required. You may well also be charged for parking costs and travel expenses. Call a number of different engineers and compare quotes. If there is a large difference between the estimates, you should inquire as to why.


Costs often depend on the reputation and competency of an engineer in the UK. You normally get what you pay for – if the price is surprisingly low, always be cautious.

Registered number

Make sure that the engineer gives you a registered office address in addition to an official landline number that you can check up on. If they do an improper job and you need to call track them down, it can be difficult if you only have a mobile number, as these can easily be changed.


The best engineers will always explain to you what they will do before they do it. Once they have finished, they will show you exactly what they have done and what it is you are paying for.