4 Reasons to think two times before leaving

think before leaving

In a society where more and more young people choose to go it alone to give life to its business idea, there are many obstacles placed on the road and the mirages of young inexperienced entrepreneurs.

Expectations and reality often travel on extremely distant tracks and the disconnect between the two seems to expand over the years.

In recent decades, the story of the recent graduate who becomes entrepreneur prodigy was so exalted that many fail to realize the uniqueness. The 25 year old from nothing becomes the entrepreneur of the century is a myth. For each Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) there are millions of people doing work perfectly normal and lead a normal life working with and often for others.

think before leaving
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The hard truth is that no university or course prepares you to be a successful entrepreneur. Here are four factors to consider before opting in favor of independence working: real facts too often underestimated by those who do not have enough experience in professional and business scale!

# 1 – To want to become an entrepreneur is not enough

Despite the idea of becoming entrepreneurs both fascinating and intriguing and the simple will alone is not enough to make that idea a reality.

In order for the decision to go it alone to bear fruit and be successful, there must be at the base by the young entrepreneur the right amount of passion, expertise and, fundamentally, a specific offer and value. Focus their energy on a specific, detailed plan helps to better develop their business idea.

# 2 – No course or workshop allows you to make money hand over fist

Although before you start your own following some course of study can be useful to grow from the professional point of view, you cannot think to fully derive its success only by those experiences.

You must learn to work independently, colliding firsthand with our daily problems and learning to cope with it. Direct experience is the primary source of learning.

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# 3- The experience is critical

The experiential baggage resulting from previous professional reality is crucial. Work in other companies, before launching the business world, it allows you to make your skills and expertise otherwise hard to gather.

Working in teams, participate in lengthy meetings, be employed by a holder never met or having to share the office with annoying colleagues can facilitate self-discipline, the ability to work efficiently even in high stress situations, the increase in communication skills, etc … Capacity which may become critical to simplify start-up and development of its business plan.

# 4- To realize a business project serves some willingness economic

Anyone who decides to start your own absolutely must realize that, especially during the StartUp, the costs involved are many. The first few years will be characterized by sacrifice and may require a certain amount of spirit of adaptation from the novel entrepreneur.

Starting aware of the financial difficulties encountered is fundamental to avoid errors of assessment or, even worse, squander all shortly after the start of savings. The development of a business plan in this case helps to identify from the outset what the financial resources necessary to carry out its project.