5 Reasons Why Professionals Should Have Their Own APP

Apps for professionals

App for professionals … The turning point in this saturated and unorganized market.

Even professionals have great chances to self-promote themselves, extend their market and reach new customers.

If you are an accountant, a psychologist, a lawyer, a consultant, a dentist, a physiotherapist, a designer or any other professional, you have excellent opportunities to offer services dedicated to your current customers and reach new ones.

As? Taking advantage of some opportunities offered by native apps by taking a step ahead of your competitors.

Here are 5 reasons …

Apps for professionals1) Manage access to restricted areas

As a professional, you may be interested in only giving your customers access to certain areas of your app without making them public to the rest of the web. For example, if you are a consultant, you may want to show some suggestions or directions and limit them only to your customers. The ability to restrict access to your app or to a specific area is an exclusive service that you can offer to your customers, who will undoubtedly appreciate!

2) Calendar of appointments

If you are a dentist, a personal trainer, a beautician, a hairdresser or a professional who receives clients at your facility, you can offer an online booking service with updated availability in real time : the customer can then make an appointment at the your studio comfortably through the app and without being forced to call to check availability. For him it is a great advantage as it can define appointments, even according to your schedule, without having to call and above all you can do it during your closing times. In this way the customer will not be tempted to go to a colleague just because he urgently had to fix the appointment and could not do it because outside of the reservation time …

3) Push notifications

When one thinks of push notifications, it is believed that they only serve to bring traffic to the stores. In professional activities and where there are no direct sales, push notifications play a major role in retaining their customers. If you are an accountant, for example, you can communicate the last day of presentation of tax models, or if you are a personal trainer, you can remember the dates of registration to new courses, or if you are a doctor, you can remember the month free for hearing visits. Also, if your business is located in different cities, you can differentiate notifications for each zone by sending them only to those in that particular location.

Apps for professionals4) Loyalty program

Have you ever thought about getting your customers back a little more thanks to the incentive of a loyalty program? The loyalty program is linked to the app and every customer who makes a specific action can receive from you a “virtual sticker” to be applied on their app. Reached the goal will get the prize from you. An example? Bring 5 friends and you’ll get a free course / activity. This is equivalent to great savings for the customer who will be encouraged to bring their friends to you, and a gain of new customers for you.

5) mCommerce

Even if you do not sell tangible products, you could use the integrated mobile commerce system in the app and get big benefits. Because? It’s easy to sell prepaid coupons for your services to your customers. For example, if you are a physiotherapist or a personal trainer you can give them the option to buy 10 prepaid sessions, or give them the opportunity to give your service to a friend. With the m-commerce service your customers will be able to pay you directly with your mobile phone through PayPal or any other credit card.


The ones described above are just some opportunities that can be exploited thanks to a personal app. There are other less tangible as the positive effects that an app can arouse in the eyes of customers: the novelty effect or comfort to use new services and added value are certainly positive signs and empathy that the customer can have towards your professionalism.

Are you a professional who thinks of increasing your business through the APP? Let us know what you think.