5 Tips for Small Businesses!


Which direction you want to expand and develop your business and which of the resources at your disposal, you can take advantage of with this article we want to highlight and share with you some of the biggest trend this year to help you make your 2016 more and more profitable.

1.  New payment methods

New forms of payment are constantly increasing. Companies that were once accustomed to the use of cash only now are geared towards new payment systems operating in mobility, so that they can start accepting card payments and thus increase their revenues. Shark Processing offers a mobile POS able to easily connect to your smartphone through their application. This payment solution is, in addition to innovative, absolutely secure high-risk merchant services provider. It respects the highest security standards (EMV and PCI).

2.  Keeping up in cyber security

Security and privacy are fundamental requirements for all businesses. Make sure your data is always safe. It is important to encrypt sensitive data, requiring employees to use strong passwords and to limit their access, maintain security software, Web browser and operating system up to date, perform regular scans, use the firewall for Internet access, making always back up your important data, make sure your Wi-Fi networks, etc.


 3.  Discover new tools to increase productivity

Recently many tools that facilitate the management of the day-to-day workload were developed Skype and Google + Hangouts are great choices for meetings and establish new interactions among employees. Dropbox can act as a shared folder for all content which you can access anytime, anywhere. Websites like SkillBridge, oDesk, Freelancer, Elance and Guru allow you to access a database of freelancers that can be filtered and then take according to your needs.

4.  Data Collection

Once the collection and analysis of data were considered ideas outside the box, now they form the basis of any successful business. There are many ways in which companies can determine their target market, buying habits and interests of customers, etc. For example, Google Analytics allows you to track campaigns from many points of view. Some social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest are actually integrated tools that allow you, for example, to get in touch with your fans or followers, to identify what are the most appreciated and shared the post, etc.

 5.  Think Mobile

Many potential customers come in contact with companies through their smartphone or tablet; this often leads consumers to perform the purchase of products, both online and offline. Check how your site appears on the screen of a smartphone or a tablet: you can see through the eyes of a user and understand what are your strengths and aspects, however, be reviewed. For websites, it is important to use an SEO language, in other words, the text should include your keywords – those that people enter into the search bar when they are just interested in the product or service offered by your company. It is a good idea to integrate the “metadata” on your site, in order to also help the SEO. Finally, Google AdWords gives you the ability to purchase keywords associated with your business, positioning, in this way, your site listed on top of search results from Google.