5 Reasons that keep you from realizing your dreams

Realizing your dreams

Why most people do not get what they want in life? If this your situation, do you think you could do something about your reality? The first is to analyze why not manage to take the plunge and you stay in your comfort zone.

If I knew the five reasons why most people fail to take the plunge, you think you can do something to get out of this way of life and help you achieve your dreams? Surely yes!

Realizing your dreams
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Here I share these five reasons…

  1. Habits

Do what we do because we integrated habits. A habit is something we do automatically. However, they can be changed. It is said that on average it takes 21 days to acquire a new habit. It only requires you to concentrate on doing something differently consistently for 21 days and ready.

  1. Tradition

What you did and you worked in the past will not necessarily help solve problems in the future. Past thoughts and actions could be effective, then it will achieve hardly meet the demands and future standards. If you want things to change in your future, you need to change your first, plain and simple. Remember, if you decide to do different things, is sure to keep getting the same result or fewer.

  1. External Pressure

How many times have you made decisions based on what others think and want? In what they think or want your family and friends? Understand this, if you let others make decisions for you, you will get the results of what 95 percent of the population gets. Similarly, people with whom you relate or remember this thought “what others think of me is none of my business” changes.

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  1. Fear

If you let fear hinder the standard of living you want to achieve, you are living a life of second – hand … what I mean by this? That you are consciously taking a decision not to fully enjoy life, i.e. living in a limited way because you allow negative feelings controls your life.

  1. Apathy

Apathy can be a very powerful force that stops you in your effort to change your reality. To understand better apathy considers what motivates us. There are two basic motivators: Fear and Desire. Fear is a very popular motivator. People are afraid of not being able to have enough money for retirement, a fear of failing and even a fear of dying. The desire may be achieving something positive or negative. The downside, which can reach excesses as greed and avarice, motivates several, but is a false motivator as you blind other issues of reality and risk. We all want something positive for our lives, and if we want we can really focus on and get this leads us to take action.