Ensuring Customer Safety in Large Restaurants

Large restaurants tend to see a lot of customer traffic, especially on the weekends and holidays. The typical dining experience goes very well, with customers enjoying their food and leaving quite satisfied. However, there is always the risk of a devastating accident or disaster. Water lines could break, gas lines could leak, fires could get out of control, and natural disasters could occur at any time. Being overly prepared can save dozens of lives in the event of a tragedy.

Extra Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are the best way to tame a fire and bring it under control. However, a fire may require more than one or two extinguishers in order to stop it from spreading. Fire extinguisher cabinets should be located throughout the restaurant, accessible to all staff. This allows for a quicker fire response, giving customers and extra staff time to evacuate the building while the fire is being controlled; or before the flames tear through the structure.

Posted Evacuation Plans
Evacuation plans should be posted in every hallway, dining area, restroom, and party room. In case of emergency, they should be spotted quickly so that guests can follow the proper evacuation route. All emergency exits should be clearly marked, both on the evacuation plan and at the door. During a disaster, the first priority is to get everyone out of a dangerous building as quickly as possible to minimize injuries or fatalities.

Designated Safe Spots for Tornadoes or Earthquakes
Earthquakes and tornadoes are among the worst tragedies to strike. Both are highly unpredictable, especially earthquakes. The restaurant should have a safe zone in the sturdiest part of the lower floor, where guests will be most protected in the event that the building collapses. Guests can hide under booths and tables to avoid debris that may be falling from overhead. It is vital that safe spots are not located near windows or other glass, as that could be a very dangerous scenario.

Ensuring that customers are as safe as possible is an important responsibility for the restaurant owner. With a few extra precautions and safety measures, as well as properly trained staff, emergency situations can be handled much more easily. Customers are also relieved to dine at a business that places an extra amount of attention on customer safety and protection, improving the reputation of the restaurant.