Google Launches Specialised Mobile Search Ads for Car Dealers in the USA

Last May Google announced a beta version of its Model And Dealer Automotive ads, and the definitive version is now available.

Google Launches Specialised Mobile Search Ads for Car Dealers in the USA

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Mobile US Searches

Currently for eligible advertisers in the US only, the new ads are specialised for mobile searches. The smartphone is, according to Google, where half of automotive searches are made. Therefore a specialised mobile ad is something they wanted to create for the automotive industry. We will have to wait and see if it’s rolled out globally.

The ads, which feature large-format images, enable OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to run automotive ads for auto makes and models in searches. The ads also feature other information relative to the make and model searched, including links to the manufacturer’s website, performance details and details of dealers in the local vicinity.

More details on Google’s mobile search can be found here:

Better Results

The new ads are designed to improve engagement, and according to Google’s figures, they deliver 30 per cent on average better results than standard text ads.

Key car manufacturers Toyota and Ford are both currently trialling the new search ads by running them for some of the models they make.

Toyota Motor Sales USA’s director of traditional and new media, Dionne Colvin-Lovely, has reported a staggering conversion increase of 45 per cent. With a decrease of 30 per cent for CPA when compared to standard text ads, it certainly makes you think it is the way forward.

For dealers and manufacturers it spells good news as far as their websites are concerned. Companies such as Ryco Belfast SEO Agency, an SEO agency in Belfast, can advise on how it will improve SEO and give your website that edge over your competitors.

Improved Features

Currently, franchises and authorised car dealerships in the US have access to the new Dealer Automotive ads. The ads are interactive with a click-to-call button for dealerships and provide all the necessary details such as directions and the location of the nearby dealers.

Improving the SEO further, Google have said that the new Dealer Automotive ads will be displayed at the top of mobile search results, and they are also combined with the Model Automotive ads and can be accessed from a tab specifically for “Dealers” within the ads.