8 qualities of a professional sales

Professional Sales

Qualities of a sales professional there are many; it is also always difficult to generalize. I have known great sales professionals who were totally different. Specify a number of characteristics common to them all are a very complicated task.

However, there are qualities that will make us much easier our work. Obviously they are not a panacea but if we lack them, will be harder to reach success.

Professional Sales
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Here are the qualities of a professional sales seem to me more important I expose you would change do you ever?

1. Passion

You have to be in love with what you do. For me it is essential to have passion, enjoy, to have that energy of “new love” that makes the biggest obstacle is child’s play.

If you hate your job, it is impossible to give up 100% and in such a competitive and sometimes we live 100% of our effort is not sufficient society. We pay above our means, squeezing every last one of our resources to succeed, so that passion must be the fuel you into a winning machine able to take that extra step that differentiates you from the rest.

2. Excellence in performance

I was hesitant to call it “learning capacity”, but I think when it comes to improving, it is almost more important that we are properly motivated than our abilities. Being able to practice and experiment with what we have read, seen or felt.

By passion we have, if we do not care to be a little better every day, we will stagnate and we all overcome. Training is essential in every sphere of life and any other tool that helps us grow.

3. Organization

The resources and time are limited. The effective organization of both brand differences. The organization also means improving teamwork and self-discipline and self-control that force us out of our comfort zone and give that needed to close a sale extra step. Proper planning is the best way to a sale.

4. Creativity

In sales we find ourselves in difficult situations that we cannot handle unless we use a creative and innovative plan. Creativity means departing from the beaten track to find new paths to our goals.

If we are squared, bureaucrats work, unable to explore the new possibilities that new technologies, the crisis and the markets offer us; we cannot tackle the most demanding tests.

5. Persistence

The sale is a distance race, not a sprint. We receive many “no”, to spend hard times when we just want to throw in the towel. We have to be persistent, analyze our mistakes to make us stronger. A setback we cannot undermine the moral, if we do things, sooner or later success will come good.

6. Humility

With humility I mean knowing fit victories. We cannot think that by closing a good year are the best in the world. We need to know out of the hard times, but when they get victories also have to learn to behave, to analyze what has worked well, acknowledge the help we have received and remember that we are in a race to the bottom, that although we come first to a goal wheel, we cannot relax.

7. Empathy

If we can put ourselves in the place of our client, to understand where you stand and why their decisions, sales will not be mysteries for us. We have to learn to connect with our customers, empathize with them. We cannot wait to present the product and at the end, we must make a personal sale, based on individual motivations of each buyer.

  1. Influencer

Leaders have the natural charisma that makes believe his words. They can lead us down paths that we thought would never be able to navigate. That achieved thanks to its high capacity to influence others, to convince them that they are right and should follow his instructions blindly.

I would summarize all these qualities of a professional sale are summarized in the first two: passion and improvement. Motivation is essential in this work and not succumbs to the first of change and tries to be better every day.

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