5 Key tips to improve your finances in 2016

Improve your finance in 2016

Get the New Year with savings plans in the medium and long term…

To start the New Year off right there is nothing better than having a day all our expenses and debts. In this way, you can prepare a savings plan with much time to spare. 

Improve your finance in 2016
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Please note the following recommendations:

  1. Do not stifle your economy: At the beginning of the year it is common to want to increase savings quickly. However, save a lot of money in a short time is not advisable.
  2. Compare banking products: It is important to take into account the fees charged for each account maintenance, mortgage or loans, carefully before signing.
  3. That we are not left in payment of debts: If more than 40% of your income goes to pay debts, have little extra cash in case of need.
  4. Review some contracts: Probably next year I realize that some financial products can be changed or renegotiated, which would give you an option to pay less commissions.
  5. Do not abuse the credit: The loans are important to plan our expenses, use them wisely. Many people get into several debts without leaving earlier. Avoid it!

5 Tips to spend less money in 2016

Start saving is not that complicated, get it with these recommendations to intelligently organize your expenses.

When someone constantly repeated phrases like “I cannot afford the salary” or “do not get to make ends meet” is sure to have trouble saving. If you find yourself in this situation, put attention to these five recommendations and recalls that spending less now means more economic freedom after:

  1. Using lists: Not only will help you sort your spending priorities but also you can avoid these compulsive shopping guided by your mood.
  2. Exchange: When you have to buy some entertainment, such as movies or books, note that a friend could have what you want. Loans and exchanges also save you money.
  3. Coupons: Probably some friend or relative has coupons that can serve you if you are about to make a stronger spending.
  4. Ask for less: The famous haggling timeless. Even if you think it is useless, you lose nothing by trying. At the end you will realize that you can save  a lot of several rebates.
  5. Do not accumulate debts: The worst enemy is debt savings. Try not to get involved in them as you have one, finishes pay as soon as possible.
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