8 slow and tiring steps to become a millionaire


The truth is that the continuous search for solving problems always leads back to having a lot of money, even if, in our small way, our goal is to achieve happiness and success.

Who does not want to become a millionaire? And believe me, if you’re the classic guy who thinks of the rich in turn as “the lucky one”, maybe it’s better if you immediately go away from here.

Let’s focus rationally on what makes a millionaire to become such without unnecessary obviously false hopes and without letting it easy, this is not a meeting of Multi Level Marketing.

Here you are 8 slow and tiring steps that a person travels to become a millionaire.

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1) Stop being obsessed with money

Try to stay focused on your business, on offering added value to your customers and your audience, try to do better than your competitors.

Money distracts you from the indispensable things to achieve the same wealth and help to make you have mood swings that affect your work and your daily life.

2) Count how many people you can really help

If you think about it, who has already become a millionaire has succeeded because he has helped an abnormal amount of people.

No matter how, but if you can really bring tangible results to your customers, it means you’re on the right track. If your job eventually does not really help people in any way, it’s probably time to change the cards on the table.

If a person is successful, it is because the people around him also manage to achieve it. Think about it!

3) Think about serving a larger audience

There are businesses that live with very few customers, and in these situations our mind works in order to succeed in tapping as much money as possible to these people.

Working on a wider clientele brings unimaginable benefits.

More feedback and more experience that will help you improve your products and services and really grow a business.

Invest in yourself and be ambitious, always.

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4) Use the money to improve

There are people who use money to make money, without really caring about what they are doing.

Others instead use the money to improve their work and to expand and use the money to continue doing what they love,  going up a level.

Simply put, they use money as if it were gasoline to fulfill their dream.

Although it is not impossible to find the product that makes you become rich overnight, most successful businesses evolve and grow as they make money.

5) Do one thing, and do it well

It is useless to learn how to do a thousand things. To behave in such a way only contributes to scatter the time and the experience that we accrue in the different fields.

Become a maniac of one thing and only one. Work, study, practice and, learning from your mistakes, you will learn to refine your technique and be considered one of those people that usually … people … call “experts”.

Becoming good or talented in a certain area also means not being satisfied with what we usually asked our customers.

And all a consequence. More respect from customers, more satisfaction, more value for yourself.

6) Make a list of the successful people you admire and study

I said studying, admiring them is not enough.

Analyze their results, try to understand why they behave in such a way, try to understand how they managed to guess a deal or to meet the needs of the market.

It analyzes their strategy, their way of communicating, their “strangest” choices, the way they grow their business.

And then use those criteria to create your own path, the path that will lead you to success.

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7) Track your progress constantly

Analyze yourself too. To become millionaires depends on us and on us only, not on the luck or the innovative idea of ​​the 43rd century.

How in Web Marketing analyzing data is important, so for success it is important to analyze oneself and our attitude.

We try to understand how we behave with customers, how many customers we really manage to meet, how we are working to bring substantial improvements to our business.

Let’s sit down and analyze all this once a week. In this way it will be easier to understand if we are always on the same wavelength or  we are back to procrastinating and giving up our initial motivations.

8) We build habits that lead us to progress

There are people who let life create their habits, others who choose and decide which habits to take.

Every result we want to achieve is dependent on our habits.

If we want to write a book, it will be essential to make the habit of writing a few pages a day. Only in this way will we be able to complete our book.

“Hoping to find free time” is the typical phrase that does not lead to the realization of our goals.

We establish our priorities so that those same priorities are productive for the growth of the Business and for the achievement of our objectives.


These steps are to be considered as important to improve oneself, to become a better entrepreneur, and are the same steps that a person follows to become a millionaire, even if, in truth, these steps are a must for every person who wants to achieve success, who wants to be good at what they do, which achieves personal and professional satisfaction and believe me, achieving all of this is much more rewarding than becoming a millionaire.