A festive telecoms survival guide

Christmas is a busy time for most, but for business owners it can be an incredibly stressful time of year. Not only do they have their own family Christmas to think about, they have to ensure that their business runs smoothly over the festive period or that it is in a position to close for the seasonal break. With so much to do and remember, here are a few tips on how to prepare your phone system for the Christmas holidays, all of which can be achieved with a VoIP phone system.

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Write scripts

Think about refreshing your audio message script to make it suitable for the time of year, providing information on your opening hours and who to contact in an emergency. Why not add some festive cheer too and add a special Christmas message to your loyal customers? If you are stuck for ideas on Christmas greeting messages, visit  https://www.bourncreative.com/holiday-card-messages-for-small-businesses/ for some creative suggestions.

Update your voicemail

Same as above, be sure to check and update your voicemail message before leaving the office, especially if you are taking some extra annual leave around the holidays. Tell your callers when you expect to be back in the office and responding to queries and give them an alternative contact to speak to if required. With a personal voicemail, you can make your audio message much warmer and tailor it to your specific customers or audience.

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Divert your calls

If you manage a team and it makes no difference whether customers speak to you or one of your employees, you can easily divert your calls when you leave the office so that others can pick up where you left off. Alternatively, if you are planning on going on leave but want to bring a particular case to a close, you can have calls diverted to your mobile.

Contact a wholesale az VOIP termination company to discuss installation options for your company (https://www.idtexpress.com) and have these features available for you to use before Christmas.

Most features come as standard with VoIP bundles, however, diverted calls may incur a small additional cost. As a business owner or supervisor, you might deem the additional cost worthwhile if it means that your team can keep on working throughout the festive period from home or somewhere abroad.