Best places for a rooftop view of New York

The busiest and most bustling city in the world is New York City. Sometimes it’s a good idea to rise above it all and get a good look at the place from above. One option is to hire an expensive helicopter ride but a more affordable alternative to view the city’s Roof sealant, CT1 being one of the best providers that they could use, is to find a nice viewing platform.

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  1. The Empire State building. One of the city’s most iconic buildings, and for many years the world’s tallest building, this grandmaster of the skyline offers a fabulous view from 86 floors up. Apart from getting a fantastic view, you’ll be viewing it from one of the oldest viewing platforms as well. You can marvel at how these brave men and women constructed such a wonderful place, completed in 1931.
  1. Top of the Rock. Built some 2 years after the Empire State this is a much more affordable option than the pricey older building. Another advantage is that the Museum of Modern art and the world-famous Central Park are nearby for a visit afterwards. It’s also included in many of the sightseer passes that you can buy, giving you access to several skyscrapers.

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  1. One World Observatory. At the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, you can truly say you are on top of the world here. It gives perfect 360 degree views of the city all the way to the horizon. At the top there are digital guides that show you the history of the city that never sleeps and how it came to be.

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