Business processes: 9 tips on how to improve work productivity

Business processes

How to manage business processes correctly? Our advice for working better and better!

Regardless of whether your company has larger or smaller dimensions, if you are firmly intent on making it work in the best way, you must do everything possible to structure an operational strategy that allows you to optimize individual business processes, making them as fluid as possible. Possible. Such as? Certainly following our valid tips below!

Never do it all by yourself

Delegate, outsource and trust collaborators : by doing so, in addition to being able to devote yourself to different matters, you will also be able to create the right stimulus in your staff to prove yourself more aware, creative, brilliant and, above all, responsible. A double advantage able to bring concrete benefits already immediately.

Take the time to organize the important things

If your primary goal is to increase business performance, the first thing you can do is to find time (at least 3-4 times a week) to reflect on the most important issues related to, for example, the organization of projects, the strategies used, the surrender of employees, etc.: fundamental topics to be evaluated daily, on which to always have a picture of the situation that knows how to prove correct, precise and meticulous.

Measure the productivity level of business processes

To improve business processes you need to know perfectly all the data and statistics that allow you to correctly measure daily productivity : budgets, reports and statements must therefore be used every day as tools to identify-assess any problems to be solved (if present) with immediacy and knowledge of the facts.

Business processes

Distinguish the important from the urgent

Generally speaking, we can certainly say that all business issues are of some importance, but if you want to improve workflows, you must learn to distinguish the relevant issues from the really urgent ones, reserving the right space for each. Given that urgent issues are usually smaller than those important but require greater concentration, you can, for example, start your days by dedicating an hour early in the morning, so as to resolve them immediately, while also keeping time to manage everything the rest.

Automate workflows

If you want to speed up your business workflow, you must fully automate all executive business processes, adopting the latest generation systems such as CRM or ad-hoc management based on the needs of your business, which allow employees to perform at their best every assignment, lowering the chances of making any kind of error.

Always finish what you start

Even if you are willing to dedicate most of your days to a thousand different commitments, you absolutely have to do everything you can to finish what you start within the time frame of your daily schedule, because the accumulation of arrears becomes because primary for significant slowdowns in executive business processes. To manage any problem in the appropriate ways, you can, for example, start by planning in advance for extra situations to dedicate to emergencies, while leaving room for routine tasks.

Use online file sharing and electronic signature systems

Tools like Google Drive or Dropbox (which allow employees to be able to synergically manage any document quickly and immediately, improving collaboration between individuals and stimulating mutual cooperation) and electronic signatures (which allows decision-makers to authorize with a simple click contracts, documents, etc.), ensure the double advantage of reducing waiting times to a minimum, speeding up most of the company executive processes.

Keep the order

Offices and chaotic work environments are one of the first causes of poor employee performance, because they cause disorganization and slowdowns that directly affect the company’s productivity. To improve such a situation, it is therefore important to push towards order, cleanliness and, above all, the correct management of all professional spaces.

Learn to say no

If you do not accept only the tasks that you are able to deal with really avoiding other tasks a priori, you risk supplying unprofessional services that customers may complain about in the long run. Unless it is a question of manageable tasks or favors for colleagues with whom you are in debt, learn to refuse all that is not your responsibility, so that you can fully dedicate yourself to what you do best.

These are our suggestions to improve business processes with simplicity and concreteness: valid tailor-made solutions to be exploited every day to obtain real benefits in the short term.