What are the Elements of a Good Website?

A good website is one that engages visitors and keeps them clicking. This is proven by metrics like average view time and CTA clicks. Website engagement leads to conversions, sales and brand loyalty. While thousands of templates exist to make building a site easy, great sites are unique and built around the goals of the business.

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A great website anticipates what visitors are thinking and caters to their needs, so they can find what they need quickly. This is known as user experience design (UX). Great websites use layouts, colour, and elements to create a clear path of information that reflects how people naturally move through a process on a site. To find out more about Website Design Surrey, visit https://www.akikodesign.com/design/web-and-digital/

Great websites use white space to balance content elements. This keeps the page uncluttered for visitors, making it simpler to read and digest the information on the page. It also enables the key elements to stand out and creates an overall sense of simplicity and clarity.

Effective call-to-action buttons are instantly noticeable in a web page’s header section. They are usually bold buttons with microcopy that explains the action to be taken. Depending on the goal of the website, this might be to sign up for email newsletters, schedule an appointment, start a free trial or buy now.

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The best modern website designs are designed to work on all devices, browsers and screen sizes. They also use HTML coding to make it as easy as possible for visitors to share links on social media, which can increase website traffic and boost SEO rankings.

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