How drone filming has changed the world

Drones  have become something of a controversial feature of our modern world.  There have been several instances where they have closed airports and have also been used in military ventures.  However, the opportunities that drone filming offers have more than made up for these negative aspects.  Drone filming has completely changed our view of the world and also given the ability to filmmakers and documentary creators wonderful opportunities to show us the world in a new light.  which also enabled us to improve safety and find missing people.

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Drone Filming Involves the addition of a small camera onto the helicopter.  This then relays the images directly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a laptop or mobile device. As they are wireless it means that the drone can film anywhere it wishes the user to go.  Great skill is required by the camera operative as the drone is fragile and can be easily damaged.  However, given its small size, it is easily able to access remote areas beyond where humans cannot usually go with ease.

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Drones can reach an incredible height giving us the perfect panoramic view of a region and they are also able to access buildings or skim along the top of roofs to give us the perfect bird’s eye view of Architecture from above.  It is often said that one perception of something can be changed by the view of it and drone filming certainly gives this option credence

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