Conservatory Roofing Options

The most popular option for conservatory roofing is glass, which allows a large amount of natural light into the home. There are, however, plenty of other options to consider. Tiles provide good insulation, and there are cheaper alternatives. Nowadays, people are increasingly turning to high-quality materials to complete their conservatories.

Glass Roofing

There are many types of glass suitable for conservatory roofs. The thermally efficient glass will reduce the quantity of escaping heat. The top is constructed from double-glazed gas-filled panels and coated with a protective layer.

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Self-cleaning glass has also proved to be a popular option so cleaning hard-to-reach and high places on the roof is no longer a task to dread. Installed with a special coating, the glass reacts to sunlight to break the dirt down.

Tinted glass can also be a useful option because it reduces the sun’s glare and intensity during the bright days of summer.

Solid Roofing

A solid roof can reduce temperature control problems as heat intensity is minimised during the summer heat and provides effective winter insulation. This roofing option will not make a conservatory as bright and light as a glass roof, but there are options to install windows or combine roof and glass panels. For Conservatory Roof Conversions, go to

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Tiled Roofing

A tiled conservatory roof can create an attractive extension to a home. A tiled roof provides effective insulation while requiring less upkeep and cleaning than a glass roof. There are also plenty of colour options, which allow the extension to blend subtly with the rest of the property.

Again, less light will be permitted into the conservatory than a glass roof, but windows can be installed.