Could the UK be doing more on renewable energy?

The short answer is yes. For example, analysis has found that England may be able to produce up to thirteen times more renewable energy than currently.
Wind Farms

In 2015, onshore wind farms were banned by former prime minister, David Cameron. Last year, Rishi Sunak promised to take action to undo the ban through minuscule alterations to planning regulations. It has been said that these alterations have been ineffective at best and that proper planning reform has to happen.

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Yet, no plans were put forward for wind farms and very little new development has been made despite the rising bills, extortionate gas prices and onshore wind being the most cost-effective way to generate electricity.

A good way to contribute to renewable energy would be to make use of air source heat pumps as an alternative heating method. Finding the one that’s right for you can be a complicated task, but specialist suppliers such as may be able to help.

To find out more about the uses of renewable energy and how it has grown in recent years, this article may provide some helpful insight.

Energy Crisis

It has been said that making use of the UK’s potential to use renewable energy is crucial for lowering the recent nearly unaffordable energy bills while also achieving the target of significantly lessening the country’s carbon emissions by 2030.

Unfortunately, the present government has proven itself to be worryingly incompetent when it comes to improving the country’s energy security by making use of renewables. This has resulted in the UK falling behind in the international race towards a zero-carbon economy.

In addition, Labour is looking unstable on this issue after going back on its promised investment for green growth.

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It’s crucial that our politicians come forward with an ironclad and progressive plan that lets the country make use of onshore wind alongside solar power while securing the funds needed to support the overall switch to renewable energy. This will boost the struggling economy, protect and preserve the planet, and create long-term jobs.

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