Arthritis and its affect on your mobility

A most painful and debilitating disease, Arthritis is one of the more unpleasant illnesses that human beings can suffer from. It is commonly believed to be something that is suffered in later life but sadly it can strike at any age. It is something that we see in greater numbers in the elderly more than the youth but is not specifically an age related condition. What does this mean for someone who is suffering from it?

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Whilst there may be over 100 variations of the illness they all have one thing in common. A pain in the joints of the body that is caused by inflammation. What this leads is the following;

  • Painful or restricted movement
  • A sensation of stiffness or lack of supplity when being sat for long periods of time.
  • The sound of joints “creaking” and cracking when flexed
  • A sense of being tired and feeling run down or fatigued.
  • Rashes that appear
  • Spasms occurring in your muscles and the muscles feeling weak and incapable of doing anything.

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Although there is no cure for the condition we do have many ways to lessen the impact on life. WAV Vehicles like those from Clarke Mobility are one such piece of equipment. The condition can have an impact on a person’s mental health as they try to deal with daily pain that occurs and the restrictions in mobility and movement.