Company production efficiency: 10 critical points from which to improve productivity

improve productivity

The decalogue of suggestions to increase production efficiency during working hours and improve business efficiency

Are you looking for effective activities that allow you to increase production efficiency and business efficiency? Lending solutions able to make you make the best saving time and money?

With our 10 good tips below, it’s true!

#1- Limit the abuse of electronic mail in favor of verbal communication

Writing, reading, re-reading, correcting and responding: long and cumbersome maneuvers that can be speeded up to the maximum with simple verbal communication. Whether it is internal-external collaborators, rather than suppliers and customers, the fastest solution to answer a question, ask a question or solve a problem, is always to talk about it in person, by phone, via video call, etc. In addition to saving you time, oral dialogue also helps to keep relationships with others alive and to engage with greater freedom.

#2- Take advantage of the benefits guaranteed by home banking services

How many times do you have to check and recheck a customer’s bank transfer? And how many times do you lose precious hours between going to the counter personally and calling the branch manager to make sure you have received the sum due? Operations that can be completely eliminated by taking advantage of the advantages guaranteed by internet banking services which, by now, are in effect for all purposes free, fast, reliable and very simple systems to be used to achieve greater business efficiency.

improve productivity

#3- Intensify your online presence

Having a website not placed on search engines and available only by typing the correct URL online can be useful for people you are already in contact with, but it certainly won’t let you find strangers. To solve this problem it is advisable to contact a web agency specialized in SEO services (Search Engine Optimization), able to make your platform visible by positioning it by keywords. Market and air conditioner shelters? Then you will have to be on the net with a series of specific keywords, capable of perfectly describing your services. In this way you will no longer be the one wasting time looking for potential customers, but will be the ones directly interested to contact you spontaneously.

Careful though, the charlatans are always lurking!

#4- Use management software to automate processes

If instead of hiring two or three people to carry out billing and accounting activities, make sure to automate the various processes with a management software, in addition to limiting the hiring and the possibility of making mistakes, you also put the employees in the condition of being able to dedicate to others maximizing the yield.

#5- Cancel all unmanageable contracts to increase production efficiency

Are you aware of those customers who always pay late and make you lose so many hours behind calls, e-mails and meetings during which they make excuses about excuses to get payments postponed? When situations become unmanageable, you absolutely have to cut off relationships before they waste even more time and money. Although it is difficult to send cancellations of contracts because it seems to be self-depriving of money that in the future could perhaps arrive, in reality, without having to deal with this kind of problems, you have much more time to look for new contacts that can guarantee you on-time revenue.

#6- Delegate the collaborators and directly occupy only the indispensable questions

Are you used to knowing and managing everything that happens in the company? Learn to understand that some tasks can also be performed by other collaborators who are capable, if properly trained, of administering them just as well. In doing so, in addition to not having to go crazy personally behind every single nonsense, you can also shift the focus to strategic decisions that allow you to better develop your business.

#7- Use a CRM to sell more and with less effort

This particular tool already widespread in large companies, begins to take hold even in less structured realities, because it allows with the utmost immediacy to have a clear, precise and correct view of the situation relating to individual contracts: with this system in fact, instead of fossilized only on the idea of increasing your earnings by looking for other customers, you can offer some additional services to those that already exist that for some time have been buying nothing, avoiding the stressful search for new contacts and bringing you closer to the old ones to retain them further.

#8- Choose a fast internet connection

The less time you spend loading the web pages during the day, the sooner you finish the tasks and the more tasks you have the chance to do. Are you used to a 2 Mb per second connection? By opting for an 8 Mb you can save several hours to manage in a completely different way.

#9- Learn to say no!

If you receive dozens and dozens of requests every day, you must learn to satisfy only the really important and profitable ones, avoiding making yourself available for secondary issues that don’t bring you anything or make you waste too much time. Every morning, therefore, prepare a lineup of things to do and thin it out to make it fully manageable by eliminating everything that seems superfluous to you.

#10- Reduce meetings and meetings to a minimum

How many hours do you lose to reach suppliers and customers every day? Definitely too many, therefore, if you want to limit time wastage as much as possible, learn (when possible) to replace meetings with video calls and phone calls: in some cases you won’t be able to escape the meetings, but you’ll see that with a good organization you can manage at better many tasks even if you don’t find yourself face to face with the contact person.

These are our 10 valuable tips to improve production efficiency during working hours: effective tips that will allow you to reduce costs and waste time with extreme simplicity!