Do you want to sell on Amazon? 3 mistakes you need to avoid

sell on amazon

When you want to sell on Amazon, there are several aspects to consider. Even before being a shop, Amazon is indeed a huge search engine. And so before you understand how to sell your products, you have to make sure that people can find them.

Such as? Avoiding these mistakes …

1. To sell speed on Amazon is important

Speed. Understanding how?

Amazon’s algorithm is very interested in understanding products that are becoming “hot”. Why? Because it is in your interest to promote them to as many, people as possible to increase your sales, and therefore your profits.

Yes, this must be clear to you: every sale you make, for Amazon is profit, through the percentage you leave to this “sales system”. Amazon is always happy when you sell, because the more you sell, the more he earns.

Easy and straightforward, it’s business.

You can become an author, or retailer, on Amazon. I guess you know that. Now, when a product is launched, and gets quick attention, sales and reviews, it’s easy to be considered a “hot” (or “hot”) product.

  • Is it fashionable?
  • Is it exploding because you like it?
  • Is it a next best seller?

At this point Amazon will further promote it to run it again and again and maximize every chance of earning. In this case you would have the help of the giant to make your sales explode (well-realized concept of Win – Win, you win both because you both sell).

Your product will be positioned higher (I remind you that Amazon is also a huge search engine) and maybe it will start to appear in automatic newsletters, on the most sold products, in related products etc. The more you sell, the more you sell.

Conclusion: when you launch a good product and believe it can succeed, prepare and support the launch with advertising campaigns. Don’t be afraid to spend a little, as speeding up sales in a short time means “getting noticed by Amazon”. With everything that follows.

2. Do you want to sell products on Amazon? Optimize for research.

We often see on Amazon products with a totally useless product name, photos that to be good we could define horrendous and non-existent descriptions. Know that these people have achieved the best strategy to NOT be found.

I hope you’re not in this situation.

For the avoidance of doubt, even before we understand how to sell on Amazon, we try to better understand how the search system works.

Amazon is a search engine

Amazon is first and foremost a search engine. Being found is therefore the first step in being able to sell our products on this platform. The second is to “click” the people on the search result and bring them to the product page, where they can buy it.

Every Amazon product (as well as other electronic stores, concepts are similar) has basic elements …

  • Product name
  • Product image
  • Price
  • Category and sub-category
  • Additional keywords

These elements must be designed first, and then optimized. And here we often make sensational mistakes.

Company product name or popular product name?

Such as? Let me explain with an extreme example, so you can understand. Suppose you have created a new foundation. Clearly your aim is to sell the product on Amazon, but beyond that, is it obvious that 10 minutes after the launch, nobody knows the name of your product? Do you agree?

Now does it seem sensible to write as a product title?

Women look for foundations with certain characteristics, so in order to be found (even before they are sold) your product must have its main characteristics in the title, which represent an immediate advantage over the competition, and enhance its strength characteristics to the utmost. At least:

  • The name “foundation” (which is a search key);
  • The “Anallergic” advantage (which may be important);
  • Perhaps some other “Bio” type advantages (because they are produced only with elements of controlled and guaranteed origin);

They are just examples of course (I’m not really a foundation expert!).

The concept is that  you do not have to use the specific name of the product  but something like “Anallergic bio foundation, dermatologically tested, with Vitamin C and extract of …”. Do you understand the difference? Amazon uses all the words contained in the title as search keys. In this way, anyone looking for a foundation can easily find yours; otherwise, it is simply impossible.

Since it is a physical product, it is very important (for the person who is looking for it) to understand that there are still in stock, that the price is aligned with other similar products, since they will appear in the search form anyway.

Where to place your products?

It is also important that the product is positioned between the right categories and sub-categories, or on the appropriate “shelves”, so that it is easier for anyone to find it.

Also in this case you can play with various elements, for example the fact that the product is available in Amazon Prime increases the CTR (i.e. the frequency of clicks to the product page) because a very fast delivery is guaranteed. You can use stocks as a “scarcity lever” (again to convince people to buy faster) but worry that there will always be enough to cover the needs and the buying trend.

There are even additional keywords to better target your product searches.

To finish the reviews, which significantly help your product to “rank” or to position itself, climbing positions, in the Amazon search engine.

On the other hand, it is easy to understand that the more positive comments there are about a product, the easier it will be to convince people to buy it. Have you ever thought of a strategy to get reviews? If you want to comment, and maybe we could think of a specific article on the subject.

Remember: reviews improve and increase your product positioning.

3. Optimize the product sales page

You can’t create a product without having at least taken a look at the competitors.

After careful research, you will realize that the best products are also the most cared for. Photos done well (and not just one, sad and meager), a well done page title and above all the extended, complete, exhaustive description, optimized for the keywords related to the product.

For the description, in particular you really have a lot of space. Not exploiting it means leaving a magnificent opportunity to increase conversions (i.e. sales) on the plate. Take advantage of all the available space, describe your product well, the advantages of its use, the features that make it unique, the peculiarities it can have compared to others, all the technical details, etc.

In other words: you can’t sell on Amazon if you don’t have a complete product page.

I repeat: use all the space and don’t worry. If someone does not want to read they will not read, but anyone who reads will find all the information to convince themselves to buy. You just have to worry that these contents are really well written, free from errors and typos.

Now you can sell your products on Amazon

As you can see, knowing these 3 aspects of Amazon means significantly improving your sales potential. Ignore these tips and you will simply not sell anything, because your products, among the millions of others, will be impossible to find.

That’s all for today. Now run to check your products on Amazon: are they complete in every part? Do they have at least one title that can respond to people’s search intentions?