What do you need if you start up your own call centre?

Starting up a new business is a huge step, especially if it’s going to be a call centre with potentially lots of staff starting, equipment to purchase and legalities to worry about.

So here are just a few things we could think of to give you a head start and a push in the right direction.

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Desks for your staff

Each staff member will need a space to work from and how generous you are could make a difference to the amount of work they get done and how many breaks they may take. It’s got to have enough room to comfortably put there equipment, paper work and stationary.  If your call centre is receiving a high number of calls you will want to think about having a reasonable gap between the staff to allow them to hear the customer clearly.


Try to invest in the latest phones that will allow for internet connectivity and that can potentially allow for transfers to different departments.  It would also be a good idea if you are building a list clientele to get a phone that will allow for video calling so you can have a face to face meeting without the need to leave the office.  Do you want to invest in head pieces with head phones attached to allow them to be handsfree so they can continue to work at the same time.

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Your staff are going to be sat down for long periods of time, sometimes five to six times a week so a comfortable seat is vital for their posture, health and wellbeing.  Think about the ergonomics of the area they are in, what kind of work they are doing and the function you need the chair to have.  Looking at Operator Chairs is a good idea with companies including Best Buy Office Chairs as there are lots of options and great prices too.   Most staff will simply need to move around, go up and down and have a comfortable back support.

Vending machine

A machine within the office area that provides snacks, lunch options and drinks is a necessity in my mind.

Staffoften will bring their drinks and lunch but most simply don’t have the time in the morning or can’t be bothered and will rather buy something convenient.   This will need to be in an open area with some seating and a few dining chairs and table that create a break out, lunch and chill area.  This has been known to increase productivity.