What web design trends are we seeing?

2019 is set to be full of exciting technological advancements and innovative design features.

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Large-Scale Adoption of Mobile-First Approaches

As Deloitte’s mobile consumer survey illustrates, the popularity of mobile browsing is increasing, meaning it is imperative for businesses to provide seamless and intuitive mobile experiences for their customers.

Customised Illustrations

Standing out from the crowd is hugely important in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Creating a memorable and unique brand presence is integral to success and personalised illustrations are an astute way to implement a cohesive brand personality.

An Increased Focus on Genuine Imagery

Stock imagery is finally being replaced. Teams offering Web development or design like Web Design Yorkshire at sites including etempa.co.uk will now carefully consider all options, often utilising professional photographers to create visuals that reflect a company’s core values.

Hello Video

Successful video content is an engaging and concise communication tool. Integrating moving imagery into web designs is likely to become more commonplace, but it is going to be essential to ensure it adds real value and not an unnecessary distraction.

Prototyping Tools

Assisting with the creation of highly intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs, time spent creating prototype sites will no longer be seen as a time drain.

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Eye-Catching Typography

Typography can be tricky, especially within the increasingly more complex designs we’re beginning to see emerging. Every professional London web design company loves experimenting with typography, finding increasingly unique ways to convey important messages meaningfully to audiences.

Intuitive Scrolling and Perceptive Parallax

Integral components for both usability and the efficient communication of important pieces of information, the more interactive and intuitive these features become, the better and more creative web design is set to become.


Minimal designs have been running the show for a while now, but 2019 is set to be the year that colour palettes become more daring and vivid. When incorporated successfully, bold colours have the potential to attract attention for all the right reasons.

Growth in Responsive Design

Nothing new, but almost certainly a given. Responsive design is an integral component of every dynamic design delivering a seamless user experience every single time.

Evolution of Frameworks and UI/UX Patterns

As competition increases, creativity is going to become one of the biggest game changers in the web design landscape. This, however, will begin with a focus on solid frameworks designed to provide consistent and reliable browsing experiences.