E-commerce marketing: 4 trends for your strategy in 2017


In 2017, e-commerce will continue to make its way to becoming one of the most requested by customers and users options. For this reason, before you create an online store with all the necessary guarantees, it is essential to consider the aspects to be strengthened on a website to be in step with the evolution of the market and increase the conversion rate.

#1 – Load Speed

The e-commerce is paying increasing attention to the web page loading speed to increase conversions. If the contents of an online store take very little time to load, the chances that a user remains to this content and finalize their purchases increase considerably. It is therefore important to invest in this element! According to the study of Mobify, “for every 100 ms of reduction of the homepage loading speed, there has been a 1.11% increase in conversions based on that session.”

#2 – Mobile Friendly

On optimization of the online stores for mobile devices, we talked about far and wide. This aspect proves essential to position itself in a special way on the search engines. The customer appreciates the access to a website that offers a pleasant experience for mobile devices, and even Google! If your e-commerce site is not ready to accommodate users who want to buy via smartphones and tablets, the Internet giant will not allow you to appear in the top ten of its search results.

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#3 – Eye to content

The content continues to be a key factor for an online store. In 2017, e-commerce will not take account only of the classical description of the products. It is clear that attention should be paid to the drafting of these descriptions, which must be accurate and complete, but your web site must offer something more users. Audiovisual content and blog articles, provided they are of quality, improve your results. It is offering your customers a surplus during their visits on your web pages.

#4 – Create custom strategies

Most of the settings of online sales sites allow you to create customizations important to level sales strategy. To achieve this there are plug-ins that indicate the potential customer what products that match their needs. The customization will become the horse of e-commerce battle in 2017! We strongly recommend to allocate part of your budget in this regard to improve your sales strategies and increase the benefits of your online activities.